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Burlesque TOP 50 2013: No. 3

Burlesque TOP 50 2013: No. 3

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013 is sponsored by Sublime Boudoir

Sublime Boudoir: Sponsoring The Burlesque TOP 50 2013.

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013. Sponsored by Sublime Boudoir.

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3. Perle Noire

Perle Noire.  ©Kaylin Idora 2013  (The Burlesque TOP 50 2013)
Perle Noire. ©Kaylin Idora 2013 (The Burlesque TOP 50 2013)

At No. 3 this year is the majestic, roof-raising, crowd-slaying High Priestess of Fabulous, Perle Noire!

Perle’s high energy performances have to be seen to be believed. Described by some as the reincarnation of her heroine, Josephine Baker, Perle dances with strength, confidence and breathtaking gymnastic agility.  She has been recognised with a number of awards: ‘Queen of Burlesque’ at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, ‘Best Debut’ at BHoF in 2008, Second Runner Up in BHoF 2009, and ‘Most Dazzling’ at BHoF in 2012.

In 2013, Perle’s appearances included the Alabama Burlesque Festival, the Australian Burlesque Festival tour, the Perth Burlesque Festival, and the New York Burlesque Festival. She also performed in Tansy’s NY production Eager To Lose, gave a show-stopping performance in the spectacular Sublime Boudoir event in London, performed a gorgeous tribute to burlesque legend Toni Elling at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013, and toured with Dita Von Teese and cast in Strip Strip Hooray!

Perle Noire Footage

Perle Noire at the Perth International Burlesque Festival 2013.

Perle’s fabulous ‘Most Dazzling’ performance at BHoF 2012

Perle’s Website. Perle on Facebook. Perle on Twitter.

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About Sublime Boudoir Sublime Boudoir: Sponsoring The Burlesque TOP 50 2013.

“Since its inception in April 2011, Sublime Boudoir has immersed audiences in the world of burlesque/cabaret performance, circus acts, music, cuisine and art. The company strives to heighten all five of the human senses and leave the audience with the “sixth sense” of wanting more.

Sublime Boudoir constructs annual events on a global level; our team stretches from Europe to Indonesia and our experience in the industry is truly unique. We promise our audiences sophistication and timeless memories. Join us around the world and never in the same place twice. Seduce your senses in our Sublime Boudoir.”

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  • Congrats Perle Noire, my friends at Follies Girls Knoxville Tn, say you are the greatest. Patrick Ward

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