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Burlesque TOP 50 2013: BONUS LISTS

Burlesque TOP 50 2013: BONUS LISTS

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013 is sponsored by Sublime Boudoir

Sublime Boudoir: Sponsoring The Burlesque TOP 50 2013.

The Burlesque TOP 50 2013. Sponsored by Sublime Boudoir.

After counting thousands of vote forms and collecting so much data, I have decided to release some bonus lists this year and give you an extra fix!  I particularly want to use this opportunity to celebrate some of the non-performing burlesque figures who received a lot of votes but didn’t make the Burlesque TOP 50 2013, and give those outside the US some charts of their own.

To be clear: The following results are determined by public votes from the Burlesque TOP 50 2013 voting process.  I do not decide the results.

Please feel free to leave comments below. You can also follow and discuss the Burlesque TOP 50 2013 results on the BURLESQUE Facebook page, the Burlesque TOP 50 Facebook page, or on Twitter with the tag #burlesquetop50

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TOP 20 UK/UK Based Performers 2013

Laurie Hagen.  ©Don Spiro
Laurie Hagen. ©Don Spiro

1.  Laurie Hagen

(TOP 50 No. 12)

2.  Kitty Bang Bang

(TOP 50 No. 19)

3.  Banbury Cross

(TOP 50 No. 30.)

4.  Vicky Butterfly

(TOP 50 No. 33)

5.  Polly Rae

(TOP 50 No. 36)

6.  Anna Fur Laxis

(TOP 50 No. 41)

7.  Missy Malone

(TOP 50 No. 44)

8.  Eliza Delite

9.  The Folly Mixtures

10.  Beau Rocks

11.  Betsy Rose

12.  Havana Hurricane

13.  Aurora Galore

14.  Khandie Khisses

15.  Immodesty Blaize

16.  Velma Von Bon Bon

17.  Chrys Columbine

18.  Fancy Chance

19.  Rubyyy Jones

20.  Luna Rosa

TOP 10 Burlesque Photographers 2013

Classed as photographers who are noted for photographing live burlesque performance and burlesque performers/figures offstage.

Don Spiro at BHoF 2013.  ©Derek Jackson
Don Spiro at BHoF 2013. ©Derek Jackson

1. Don Spiro

2. Neil Kendall

3. Kaylin Idora

4. Derek Jackson

5. John Paul Bichard

6. Tigz Rice

7. Sam Hernandez (SH Photo)

8. Paul O’Connell (POC Photo)

9. Chris Beyond

10. Melody Mudd

TOP 10 Australian Performers 2013

Imogen Kelly.  ©Derek Jackson
Imogen Kelly. ©Derek Jackson

1. Imogen Kelly

(TOP 50 No. 4)

2. Raven

3. Strawberry Siren

4. Sina King

5. Captain Kidd

6. Lillian Star

7. Briana Bluebell

8. Becky Lou

9. Rita Fontaine

10. Luna Eclipse

Dita Von Teese in a Catherine D'Lish costume.  ©Kaylin Idora
Dita Von Teese in a Catherine D’Lish costume. ©Kaylin Idora

TOP 5 Costumiers 2013

Classed as figures who are widely noted for accomplishments in burlesque costume and design.

1. Catherine D’Lish

(TOP 50 No. 21)

2. Flo Foxworthy

3. Christina Manuge

4. Danial Webster

5. Adora Belle

(Currently no website available for Adora Belle, but I hope to bring you images of some stunning work soon!)

TOP 10 European/Europe-Based Performers 2013 (Exc. UK)

LouLou D'vil.  ©Don Spiro
LouLou D’vil. ©Don Spiro

1.  LouLou D’vil  

(TOP 50 No. 1)

2.  Cleo Viper  

(TOP 50 No. 28)

3.  Lada Redstar 

(TOP 50 No. 34)

4.  Scarlett Martini 

(TOP 50 No. 41)

5.  Xarah Von Vielenregen 

(TOP 50 No. 48)

6.  Bettie Blackheart

7.  Janet Fischietto

8.  Dixie Ramone

9.  Nuit Blanche

10.  Clea Cutthroat

Top 10 Male Performers 2013

The Stage Door Johnnies.  ©Kaylin Idora
The Stage Door Johnnies. ©Kaylin Idora

1. Stage Door Johnnies 

(TOP 50 No. 8)

2. Evil Hate Monkey 

(TOP 50 No. 11)

3. Russell Bruner 

(TOP 50 No. 16)

4. Tigger! 

(TOP 50 No. 23)

5. Mod Carousel 

(TOP 50 No. 43)

6. Mr Gorgeous 

(TOP 50 No. 46)

7. Waxie Moon

8. Armitage Shanks

9. Raven

10. Paco Fish

TOP 10 Men in Non-Performing Roles

Classed as men who are widely noted for roles other than or in addition to being a performer.

David Bishop.  ©Angela McConnell
David Bishop. ©Angela McConnell

1. David Bishop 

(TOP 50 No. 42,  Stage Manager)

2. Don Spiro

(Burlesque Photographer)

3. Dustin Wax

(BHoF Museum Executive Director)

4. Doc Wasabassco


5. Neil Kendall

(Burlesque Photographer)

6. Jonny Porkpie


7. James Habacker

(Producer/Venue Owner)

8. Rick Delaup


9. Franky Vivid


10. Derek Jackson

(Burlesque Photographer)


Top 10 Non-Performing Women 2013

Jen Gapay with Angie Pontani at NYBF 2013.  ©Angela McConnell
Jen Gapay with Angie Pontani at NYBF 2013. ©Angela McConnell

1. Jen Gapay


2. Kaylin Idora

(Burlesque Photographer)

3. Joyce Tang

(BHoF Executive Producer)

4. Holli-Mae Johnson


5. Shoshana Portnoy


6. Tigz Rice

(Burlesque Photographer)

7. Flo Foxworthy


8. Christina Manuge


9. Leslie Zemeckis


10. Adora Belle


TOP 10 Canadians

Roxi D'Lite.  ©Derek Jackson
Roxi D’Lite. ©Derek Jackson

1. Roxi D’Lite

(Burlesque TOP 50 No. 6)

2. Lola Frost

(Burlesque TOP 50 No. 13)

3. Burgundy Brixx

4. April O’Peel

5. Coco Framboise

6.  Melody Mangler

7.  Judith Stein

8. Koston Kreme

9.  Cherry On Top

10. Tanya Cheex




About Sublime Boudoir Sublime Boudoir: Sponsoring The Burlesque TOP 50 2013.

“Since its inception in April 2011, Sublime Boudoir has immersed audiences in the world of burlesque/cabaret performance, circus acts, music, cuisine and art. The company strives to heighten all five of the human senses and leave the audience with the “sixth sense” of wanting more.

Sublime Boudoir constructs annual events on a global level; our team stretches from Europe to Indonesia and our experience in the industry is truly unique. We promise our audiences sophistication and timeless memories. Join us around the world and never in the same place twice. Seduce your senses in our Sublime Boudoir.”

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  • James,

    No stigma intentionally implied or reflected. I’ve changed the description accordingly. H.

  • Holli,

    Well, thanks for thinking of me. I’m not sure how the scene stands in your part of the world, but here in New York we have long gotten past the stigma of Host as other.

  • Hi James. As stated above this list: “Classed as men who are widely noted for roles other than or in addition to being a host/performer.” You didn’t make the TOP 50 list, but I felt you more than qualified to be noted for your non-performing contributions in this additional list. Holli.

  • Don’t mean to seem ungrateful, but I consider this a very dubious honor. I’ve never cared a wit for awards anyway, but having performed in thousands of shows over the past twenty years, I find it a bit ridiculous to be classified as a non-performer.

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