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The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: TOP 10 Non-Performers + 51 – 100

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: TOP 10 Non-Performers + 51 – 100

The Burlesque Top 50 2010: Top 10 Non-Performers + 51 - 100

As requested and promised – here are some extra results.

Thank you for all of your emails and messages so far – and we are thrilled to hear that so many of you are discovering new performers, contacting eachother and enjoying all of the videos and links! This is a large part of why we do this, thank you for your amazing response.

When we launched the voting for 2010, we asked people to consider the non-performing members of the community that work equally as hard and contribute so much, and many non-performers were nominated this year. However, none of them quite made the Top 50.

We decided to announce the 2010 Top 10 highest-polling ‘Non-Performers’ / Unique Contributors – many of which received a very high number of votes and should be celebrated too. In one or two cases, individuals classed as such are those who perform, but are also widely known for their work and achievements off-stage…

TOP 10 ‘Non-Performers’ / Unique Contributors

Don Spiro (Photographer)

Laura Herbert (Director of The Burlesque Hall of Fame)

Franky Vivid (Producer)

Sam Hernandez (Photographer)

Paula the Swedish Housewife (Producer/Performer)

Holli-Mae Johnson [Thank you! Ed.]

Rick Delaup (Historian/Producer)

Jonny Porkpie (Performer/Producer/Writer)

Jac Bowie (Producer/Agent)

Chris Beyond (Producer/Journalist) + Jen Gapay (Producer) [Tied]

We also decided to release a list of 100 – 51 this year.  Hundreds of individuals were nominated, and so many wonderful and popular performers polled very closely together, but didn’t make it into the Top 50. Therefore, in the interests of celebrating as many people as possible, we thought you would like to see this list as well, and many of you have encouraged us to do so since we announced this.

We have put this list into alphabetical order, because at this point, it’s not really about position. Thousands of you have voted from across the world, and out of over four-hundred individuals and groups nominated, these people made it into your 2010 Top 100. There are more than fifty people in the following list, due to a few tied positions…

51 – 100

Anita Cookie

Bobbie Burlesque

Bunny Love

Coco Framboise

Darlinda Just Darlinda

Dinah Might

Diva Hollywood

Dixie Evans

Don Spiro

Dottie Lux

Dr Lucky

Evie Lovelle

Foxy le Feelion

Foxy Tann

Franky Vivid

Gal Friday

Ginger Valentine

Gogo McGregor

Harvest Moon

Helen Pontani

Holli-Mae Johnson

Holly J’aDoll

Honey Wilde

Hot Toddy

Inga Ingenue

Joe Black

Kalani Kokonuts

Khandie Khisses

Kiki Kaboom

Kristina Nekyia

La Cholita

Lady Jack

Lady Monster

Laura Herbert

Leyla Rose

Lux La Croix

Melody Mangler

Mimi First

Missy Malone

Nadine Dubois

Orchid Mei

Paula the Swedish Housewife

Red Snapper

Renea Le Roux

Rick Delaup

Roky Roulette

Ruby Champagne

Sam Hernandez

Scarlett James

Shanghai Pearl

Swedish Siren

Sydni Devereaux

Tanya Cheex

Vagina Jenkins

Victoria Vengeance


Vivienne VaVoom (Michelle Baldwin)

Waxie Moon

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