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BHoF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge

BHoF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2011 - Legends Challenge

BHoF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge

Tempest Storm - BHOF Weekend 2011 Legends Challenge

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is not only the world’s most prestigious burlesque gathering, it is also the longest running. Since 1957,  the weekend has ‘had its roots in the Hall of Fame founder, Jennie Lee’s annual gathering of stars from the art’s heyday’.

Since Jennie’s passing in 1990, Dixie Evans has upheld that tradition; growing the reunion from an informal, private gathering of retired ‘exotics’ into the internationally renowned four-day extravaganza now known as the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend.

Since Jennie’s widower, Charles Arroyo, passed away in 2006, BHoF has experienced many challenges – including relocating from Helendale, California to Las Vegas, NV. Five years later, BHoF is facing a critical tipping point, and they need your help, to ensure the museum’s survival and one of our proudest traditions.

As the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend has grown, so has their commitment to celebrating the women (and men) who made burlesque great. They are proud of our Living Legends, and they need your help to get as many of them as possible to Vegas this year.

In today’s difficult financial climate, BHoF has very limited funds – and as such, our ability to cover travel costs for our honoured guests has been severely compromised.

By holding a BHoF Legends Challenge fundraiser, you will be personally responsible for ‘sending a superstar to Vegas’, thereby ensuring the continued success of both BHoF Weekend and the world’s only burlesque museum itself!

BHoF are challenging members of the international burlesque community to show their love for our Living Legends by helping them to raise enough money to offset the cost of sending them to the BHoF Weekend in June.

Click here to find out more about fundraising and the rewards/benefits of supporting the Burlesque Hall of Fame…

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