Dirty Martini by Steven Menendez

Dirty Martini: Past, Present and Future

After over a decade of conversations with Dirty Martini – burlesque icon, New York legend and all-round tease genius – there is always more to talk about. More memories from the birth of the modern revival. More illuminating insight. More self-deprecating authenticity. More and more passion for her art form with every passing year. Read […]

Dita Von Teese: Enter the Glamonatrix

After 11 years of interviewing Dita Von Teese, her constant reinvention, evolution and endurance never fails to impress me. Instagram is teeming with Dita replicas wearing shameless copies of her iconic costumes and frolicking brazenly on all manner of imitation carousel horses, martini glasses and giant filigree hearts. None the less, Dita continues to reign […]

Queen Inga - 21st Century Burlesque Magazine

Queen INGA

In 2011 I saw Inga Ingenue, a five foot revelation in pink and black stripes, perform her iconic Minnie the Moocher act at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. It remains – after 14 years in burlesque – one of my absolute favourite acts, and INGA, as she is now known, is one of my […]

Satan's Angel, by John Paul Bichard

Fire and Grit: The life of Satan’s Angel

Beloved burlesque legend Satan’s Angel has passed away after receiving critical care in hospital. To celebrate her life and contribution to burlesque, I am proud to re-publish this fascinating interview by Jo Weldon, who has recently relaunched her Burlesque Daily blog. Satan’s Angel was one of the first burlesque legends I met, I believe over […]

She’s Back! Miss Astrid Opens her Mystery Box

“Legendary deadpan dominatrix” emcee Miss Astrid – aka comedian Kate Valentine – has been tearing strips off unsuspecting audience members in over 1000 shows since 1997. After a number of years out of the spotlight, “focusing on other things and raising my excellent kids,” she’s back onstage next week in Miss Astrid’s Mystery Box a […]

Crescent City Burlesque: The Real New Orleans

Crescent City Burlesque: The Real New Orleans

In November I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Crescent City Burlesque Weekender, a three-day celebration of New Orleans burlesque. The festival, produced by AJay Strong and Bella Blue, was held at the small, cavernous Allways Lounge in the Bywater (well removed from the Bourbon Street mayhem). Headliners Jeez Loueez, Darlinda Just Darlinda and […]

Michelle L’amour Reveals Painful Secret in Emotional Video Statement

Yesterday evening, Michelle L’amour – Miss Exotic World 2005 and celebrated superstar of contemporary burlesque – unveiled a surprise video statement, revealing a painful disease she has lived with since childhood – Alopecia.

Baby Got Back burlesque

The Feral Feminism of Baby Got Back

  The F-word has been front and center throughout the world and at the forefront of discussion within the burlesque community of late. With ‘Nasty Women’ and ‘Bad Feminists’ globally speaking out on important women’s issues, it has been amazing to see how the burlesque community has been combining political expression into our body of […]

Burlesque performer Raven Noir, producer of Burlesque Noir, by Neil Kendall

Raven Noir: Burlesque in the Blood

Raven Noir, gothic mistress of northern Burlesque in the UK, sits down with Ivy Wilde to discuss her stage persona, opulent costumes, inspirations and renowned annual Blackpool show Burlesque Noir. After stumbling across burlesque, when a friend roped her into a ten week course for moral support, stage shy Raven discovered a family secret and […]

Jacqueline Chaton featuring a custom tip dyed feather fan by Fancy Feather (fancyfeather.com). Photo Scott Saw - Vixen Photography

Fancy Feather: The Flourish Behind the Fan Dance

As any burlesque aficionado knows, feathers play a huge part in our history. Most performers’ repertoire includes, or has included, feather fans. The minute Sally Rand stepped out at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair and made her name, she popularised fan dancing for burlesque performers of the future. We recently caught up with Cindy Garland […]

Burlesque Pastie Timeline by Fyodor A. Pavlov

The Pastie Project: A Burlesque Costume History Book

The Pastie Project is a book by costume designer and burlesque performer Rosey La Rouge, featuring an archive of vintage and modern burlesque pasties contributed by performers and costumers from all over the world. Around two years ago, Rosey, who has a Master’s degree in Costume Design, started thinking about how she could contribute more to the […]