Angie Pontani: From Showgirl to Showmom

Angie Pontani: From Showgirl to Showmom

New York burlesque star Angie Pontani (Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2008) is an inspirational woman I have always admired. As a fellow monster multi-tasker, I often have a WWAD (What Would Angie Do) moment when I think I can’t possibly do ALL THE THINGS for another second. When Angie revealed she was […]

Burlesque dancer Perle Noire with her new troupe, House of Noire. Photo by David L. Byrd

Perle Noire Builds Her House

To see Perle Noire is to be instantly dazzled. You can tell she’s a rock star simply by the way she enters the stage. She combines her natural talent with relentless hard work and investment, and has become one of the most desireable stars on the international burlesque circuit today. Hotly pursued as an instructor, […]

Burlesque performer Lena Mae at Hundred Watt Club, by

Burlesque Shines Bright at Hundred Watt Club (UK Burlesque)

Having recently celebrated their fifth birthday in the venue where it all began, the Hundred Watt Club is showing no sign of slowing down. Ivy Wilde caught up with Lena Mae to find out about how it all began and what they have in store for the future.   The Hundred Watt Club “I’d been […]

Missy Fatale, Betsy Rose and Jolie Papillon at Gin House Burlesque. Photo by Chris Baker

Gin House Burlesque: Stripping with a Swing

21st Century Burlesque Magazine thoroughly enjoyed Gin House Burlesque at The King’s Head – a spectacular, hidden jewel box in East London, commandeered by sparkling showgirls and a swarm of stylish revellers. Ivy Wilde discusses the superbly executed concept with co-creators Betsy Rose, Missy Fatale and Jolie Papillon.     When did the idea for […]

Julie Atlas Muz, by Roxi D'Lite Photography

From Root Canals to Bukaki: A Conversation with Julie Atlas Muz

While I had every intention of conducting a very earnest, professional and polite interview with Julie Atlas Muz, one half of the headlining husband (Mat Fraser) and wife team at the upcoming Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, May 6 and 7th, things somehow went off the rails very quickly. In the best possible way, mind you, […]

Bella Blue, Headmistress of the New Orleans School of Burlesque

Inspirational Instructors: Bella Blue, New Orleans School of Burlesque

As burlesque has grown, so has its educational base. The teachers of burlesque make a distinct mark on the development of burlesque in their respective regions, and often help students not just with performing basics but with an understanding of the history and business of burlesque. New Orleans performer, instructor and entrepreneur Bella Blue began […]

Torquay Tease: The Rise of Kinky & Quirky

Torquay Tease: The Rise of Kinky & Quirky (UK Burlesque)

In 2007 a chance chat via a MySpace page brought Sarah and Mark Bell together. Eight weeks later Mark moved to Devon from Wales and a month later Kinky & Quirky was born. Nine years on and Kinky & Quirky is known for its jaw-dropping events with the cream of the crop in variety, cabaret […]

Dita Von Teese at Crazy Horse Paris 2016, by Ali Mahdavi

Dita Von Teese: Making Her Mark

Since our previous interviews in 2012, Dita Von Teese’s career has been a breathtaking trajectory of achievements and appearances, and I felt it was high time I checked in. We had a lot to discuss: a new, glossy tome of beauty advice and philosophy, a purring vinyl record, an upcoming return to Crazy Horse Paris and a […]

Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover, by Marco Felix.

Cocktails, Costume and Concept with Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover

Burlesque costume queen Viv Clicquot sat down with Burlesque TOP 50 No. 1 2015 Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover – aka Kitten ‘n’ Lou – for cocktails and costume chat… “So tell me. Who and what are you wearing?!”  Showing up as nothing less than their usual and inimitable glorious selves, I interviewed the […]

Claudine Van Den Bergh, Moulin Rouge showgirl. ®Moulin Rouge-« S.Wells

Together We Can-Can: Life as a Moulin Rouge Showgirl

I am thrilled to present this special feature about sensational showgirl Claudine Van Den Bergh, who I had the pleasure of interviewing backstage at the legendary Moulin Rouge, Paris. After passing through a hidden door and an intriguing labyrinth of dressing rooms and studios,  I was shown into a room with a mannequinned row of eye-wateringly fabulous costumes. The view was […]

Cece Sinclair by My Boudoir Photography

Interview: Cece Sinclair – Blossoming British Burlesquer

In the second of three interviews, sensational British burlesque newcomer Cece Sinclair is interviewed by Ivy Wilde… Performing for just over 18 months, Cece Sinclair is taking the UK by storm.  Moving to Manchester from a small Welsh town to study for a Performing Arts degree, Cece found her feet performing in the freedom of […]