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The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 4

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 4

The Burlesque Top 50 2010: No. 4
Tigger! (©Don Spiro)
Tigger! (©Don Spiro)


(Reigning King of Burlesque 2006)

“I met Tigger in the early moments of the new burlesque revolution and was blown away by his exciting performances. Tigger can perform Shakespeare, tell you what famous person was born on your birth date and turn a burlesque audience into a rowdy mob all with equal precision. Everyone who’s been to an international burlesque festival with him feels as if they know him intimately on first meeting.

He is the first man of the New Burlesque defining what gender and performance can do to change perceptions of what is possible. For me, the magic is that he can take an audience full of ‘regular guys’ who arrived to see naked ladies and make them feel a little more comfortable with some fairly taboo and dangerous concepts…”

Dirty Martini

We are thrilled to have an outrageous and award winning MAN in the Top 10 – and at No.4 no less!

The first ever ‘Mr Exotic World’ to be crowned, and the recipient of several Golden Pasties; Tigger! is unpredictable, scream-inducingly naughty, and eye-wateringly flexible! (We have seen male audience members cradle their privates in horror when Tigger! does the splits!)

Buzzing with boundless energy and flamboyance, burlesque wouldn’t be the same without him…

In 2010, Tigger! ‘clowned around’ at BHoF (see image above!), performed a tribute to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis at the New York Burlesque Festival, gave a fantastic performance at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival, and was on sensational form at the Toronto Burlesque Festival, where he treated the crowds to the outrageous Wedding Day Blessings and a turn from our favourite Tigger! alter-ego – Lily la Tigresse.  

Tigger! also featured in Gary Beeber’s documentary film, Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque, with the rest of his New York burlesque family.

So smart, so talented, so warm and bold and dedicated. A born entertainer.  He is thoroughly deserving of his place in the TOP 10. We treasure him, and you clearly treasure him too…

Tigger! on Film, 2010…

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