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The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 2

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 2

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 2

Michelle L'amour (©Kaylin Idora. Please respect copyright and request permission before use.)
Michelle L'amour (©Kaylin Idora. Please respect copyright and request permission before use.)

Michelle L’amour

(Miss Exotic World 2005)

“Michelle is a woman who can present the filthiest stripper moves like they are high art and you feel smart for being so turned on…”

Trixie Little

Adored by men and women alike; Michelle exudes a sexual energy and strength on stage that stirs her audience into a frenzy. We have rarely met a woman who is so innately comfortable with her nudity and manipulates her flesh with such devastating effect!

With a powerful, sensual beauty, and intelligence, determination and talent in abundance; Michelle is destined to be one of the great, celebrated legends of striptease…

Michelle had a truly prolific 2010. She gave outstanding performances at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the Montreal Burlesque Festival, the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Best of Midwest Festival, the Key West Burlesque Festival, the Colorado Burlesque Festival, and a performance at BHoF that brought the house down.

She also performed in Scarlett James’ Grand Burlesque Show in March, the Queens of Burlesque show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, and featured in a line-up of other burlesque heavyweights in her own production, Superstars of Burlesque in Chicago.

Michelle also celebrated the first anniversary of Naked Girls Reading – a concept that has proved incredibly popular and now has franchises across the US.

Of everything Michelle has achieved in 2010, one incredible performance stands out, and has been talked about and watched online across the world. La Panthere

(We highly recommend clicking the video to full screen.)

La Panthere is the antithesis of her exquisite Sally Rand Tribute, and perfectly demonstrates Michelle’s exceptional ability to deliver something so transporting and graceful, and then something aggressive, sexually powerful and affecting, and stamp her signature on both.

Once she leaves the stage, Michelle just doesn’t stop. She is a gifted teacher, with a long line of grateful, adoring women who attend classes at Studio L’amour, and have taken to the stage themselves, or gone back out into the world with a renewed confidence and self-belief. The L’amour Empire has produced videos, photo-books, and a series of extremely popular shows and events, and her troupe, The Chicago Starlets, compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekends.

Absolutely and consistently OUTSTANDING.

(Click here to read a fascinating, in-depth 21CB  interview with Michelle from 2009 – including seriously cute baby-Michelle photos!)

Michelle on Film, 2010…

Toronto Burlesque Festival…

The Interview Show…

Bustout Burlesque, New Orleans…

Michelle L’amour photographed by Kaylin Idora…

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