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The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 6

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010: No. 6

The Burlesque TOP 50 2010@ No. 6
Julie Atlas Muz (©Don Spiro)
Julie Atlas Muz (©Don Spiro)

Julie Atlas Muz

(Miss Exotic World 2006)

“Julie is one of the most unique performers in burlesque. She weaves dance and clowning together like nobody else; plus she makes some of the most beautiful and inventive use of props of anyone I’ve seen…”

Jo Weldon

“Julie Atlas Muz is one of the most ingenious and under appreciated minds in the New Burlesque … she continues to innovate, push boundaries and can perform classic retro burlesque better than anyone on the scene. In a land of retro re-enactments, Julie is a true artist…”

Dirty Martini

Julie is someone we can’t really define. In fact, we wouldn’t want to limit her scope of artistry and performance by attempting to define her.

The woman is FEARLESS. And her history as a performer is fascinating. A mistress of illusion, innovation, suggestion and sexuality; Julie’s creations are intelligent, provocative, often extreme, and always entertaining.

In 2010, Julie travelled to Australia to headline at The Burlesque Ball, gave a dramatic performance at The New York Burlesque Festival, and performed two routines at the Toronto Burlesque Festival – Breakin’ The Law and ‘I am the Moon and You are the Man On Me’.

She featured in Gary Beeber’s documentary film, Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque, and performed at the New York premiere. And, of course, she appeared on screen again in the award winning, Tournée (On Tour). Julie was at her quirky, mischievous best in this film (we particularly enojoyed the hilarious episode with the flight attendant!). We loved the fact that the film included scenes of the burlesque cast actually performing – including two of Julie’s acts.

Julie Atlas Muz – welcome to the Top 10…

Julie on Film, 2010…

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  • The first time I saw Julie perform on the stage, my jaw fell to the floor, my eyes got all foggy and I wanted to tear my heart out and give it to her. I’ve been in the burlesque world for a long time and Julie is a force that can’t be compared. Kudos to you Julie! Lots of love, Deity

  • HELL YES! I love all the retarded geniuses (female & male) on this list, but Julie? She is IT. She’s my Sister, my #1 girl. I am honored to work and play with her. She is a unique force of art-nature that no one else can touch. Julie is my hero. The burlesque world, downtown New York, and my life are all much richer for her indelible presence. xxx Tigger!

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