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The Burlesque Top 50 2010: 30 – 21

The Burlesque Top 50 2010: 30 – 21

The Burlesque Top 50: 30 - 21

The countdown continues!

We would like to apologise for the slight delay in our announcement – we had an incredibly high number of votes this year, many of which were last-minute, and we have processed and confirmed your votes as quickly as we can.

There are twenty-one new entries in the Top 50 this year, and we received votes from over eighty countries across the world. You nominated over four-hundred different performers and community members.

When we launched the voting for 2010, we asked people to consider the non-performing members of the community that work equally as hard and contribute so much, and several non-performers received a high number of votes this year. However, none of them quite made the Top 50.

We have decided to make two extra announcements this year. When we have announced the Top 50, we will also announce the Top 10 Highest-Polling Non-Performers – many of which received a large number of votes and should be celebrated.

We have also decided to release a list of 100 – 51. Hundreds of individuals were nominated, and so many wonderful and popular performers polled very closely together, but didn’t make it into the Top 50. Therefore, in the interests of celebrating as many people as possible, we thought you would like to see this list as well.

RESULTS: 30 – 21


Little Brooklyn

We have a yummy mummy at No. 30! (Big 21CB congratulations lady!)

Brooklyn continues to be an eye-wateringly hilarious and skillful performer. One of our 2010 highlights was at the New York Burlesque Festival – a special, funny and very touching performance by a very pregnant Little Brooklyn, who is dressed and adorned by her burlesque family – you may recognise some of them!


World Famous *BOB*

2010 has been another fantastic year of teasing and teaching for *BOB* – and a solo show is in the works!

Bob’s credentials and resume are mindblowing. She has been photographed by the likes of David LaChapelle and Mario Testino, taken to the catwalk for Lane Bryant and worked with Thierry Mugler, starred in MTV commercials, won six Golden Pastie awards, and graced the pages of Marie Claire, Esquire, Hustler, New York Times Magazine, Paper, Mode and Bust Magazine, amongst many others.

*BOB* is world class – and your votes have kept her in the Top 50 for another year.


Perle Noire

“Perle is an incredible mix of raw sex and pure elegance, slow and sensual one moment and a whirlwind of movement the next. Her energy moves in waves over the room, all the way up to the balcony.”

Michelle Baldwin/Vivienne Vavoom

The Black Pearl has made your Top 50 again this year. One of Perle’s finest 2010 moments, in our opinion, was being invited to join Dita von Teese in her burlesque show at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. She gave an outstanding performance. She also featured in Burlesque Undressed – the fantastic documentary-film starring Immodesty Blaize, which was released at the beginning of 2010.


Ophelia Flame

In 2010, Ophelia sizzled at the Key West Burlesque Festival, and was a smouldering vision in pink at BHoF in June.

Ophelia has been performing for almost twenty years and still burns up the stage with her sensuous presence and elegant, classic routines. Also a producer and choreographer; Ophelia is trained in a range of dance mediums and is one of the most respected and experienced performers on the circuit…


Sammich the Tramp

“Sammich the Tramp, aka Hammy Sammy, is a wandering hobo and lovable scamp. When not hopping trains and dancing for her dinner, Sammich performs all over the country with all kinds of fancy people. Sammich regularly appears with The Oona Tramps, who have performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and at the New Orleans, Best of Midwest and Toronto Burlesque Festivals. She also makes regular appearances with Michelle L’amour’s Belles and Whistles and in numerous Lola van Ella productions. As a solo performer Hammy Sammy performs frequently in St. Louis, Chicago, Bloomington, Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas and with the Happy Humpy Traveling Medicine Show.”

We only discovered Sammich this year, when we saw footage of a charming and moving performance by Sammich and Lola van Ella. We were misty eyed and smiling by the end. We can’t wait to see and hear more of this talented performer – and some of you must be big fans already, because you have voted Sammich in at No. 26!


Satan’s Angel

Satan’s Angel gave some knockout performances in 2010 – including an appearance at The New Orleans Burlesque Festival and at the Titans of Tease Showcase at BHoF in June.

After her performance at The Montreal Burlesque Festival, she received an astonishing standing ovation that seemed to go on forever – audience members were climbing onto their tables to applaud her, and some seemed to be on the verge of jumping onto the stage!

Her energy and intensity is simply incredible – her passion, drive and wonderful stories continue to inspire and entertain endlessly. A living legend.


Gravity Plays Favourites

Katrina Dohl and Michelle Mynx ‘have been flying high across the US and beyond as Gravity Plays Favorites for nearly five years’. Combining striptease and acrobatics; they have performed with the Dresden Dolls and Margaret Cho, and entertained at The New York Burlesque Festival, Cabaret Verdalet, La Biblioteque in Sweden, and at BHoF. In 2010, they won ‘The Performers You Wouldn’t Want to Tussle With in a Dark Alley’ Golden Pastie award at The New York Burlesque Festival.


Ms Tickle

If you still haven’t heard of Ms Tickle after the 2010 she has had, then you must be living on another planet!

She competed for Best Debut at BHoF and performed Wings of Desire – one of the most clever, unique, innovative and visually stunning burlesque acts we have ever seen. Many people seemed to feel that some much deserved recognition was long overdue, and boy did she get it – winning not only the Best Debut category, but also the title of ‘Most Dazzling’ and ‘Most Innovative’.

Whether she’s a mermaid, a walking book, a rubber doll or popping out of a cake, her costumes are stunning and her performances are unforgettable.


Nasty Canasta

It is widely agreed that Nasty is one of the most intelligent, innovative and frankly ingenious neo-burlesque performers in the world. Thanks to her ‘Unknown Stripper’ routine, we can safely say we will never think of Groucho Marx in the same way ever again. Ever.

Nasty was 2nd Runner up at the BHoF pageant 2010,  and was declared ‘The Master of the Between-Acts Quickchange’ at The New York Burlesque Festival Golden Pastie Awards. She is bold, she is unique, and thoroughly deserves her place in the Top 50 again this year.

21With an equal number of votes, No. 21 is shared by…

Mariel a la Mode

Mariel had a circus upbringing, and performed in thousands of live shows as a child. Combining graceful circus skills with singing and striptease, she has performed in Teatro Zinzanni, at BHoF, and appeared at the Stockholm Burlesque Festival in October.

Mariel is a pleasure to watch – in her hoop, on a trapezesat on a giant pink cupcake or, simply enjoying ‘Being a Girl’

Dizzy von Damn

“I’d work with Dizzy again in a heartbeat. She is a total professional backstage, an utter loon onstage, and a pleasure to be around at all times. She has that essential spark, that fire for the stage, a genuine love for her craft and especially for the audience. She is irresistibly appealing, for her humor and charm even more than her considerable gorgeousness. Did I mention that she’s a nutjob? Thank heavens.”


This ‘singer, comedienne, producer and hostess, occasional model, and all around bad ass’  has made your Top 50 for the second time. A 2010 highlight for Dizzy was in August, when she performed her Four Rooms bellboy routine for Quentin Tarantino himself!

20 – 11 coming very soon! In the meantime, we invite you to browse 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, or join our Top 50 Facebook Page

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