BVB: Stepping Out of the Full-Time Performance Pressure Cooker

BVB: Stepping Out of the Full-Time Performance Pressure Cooker

When I first sat down to write this piece, I planned to write an article about the challenges and issues regularly faced by an established performer. As I began to pull my thought-strands apart I found that a lot of the difficulties I regularly face are so nuanced that they each deserve an article in […]

Beatrix von Bourbon: Doing Your Research (Part Two)

BVB: Doing Your Research (Part Two)

There’s so much information out there that it’s impossible to ever reach a point where you’ve read, seen and heard everything there is to know about burlesque. By keeping engaged with your art, you keep your ideas moving, you keep your inspiration fresh and you keep your passion alive. By sharing your research you also help to inspire others to do the same, to keep learning, growing and becoming a better performer.

Beatrix von Bourbon: Burlesque and Tattoos

BVB: Burlesque and Tattoos

Burlesque and Tattoos There’s no denying that I’m heavily tattooed. By the time I chose to have my fourth tattoo I’d simultaneously resolved that my passion for tattoos was something I wanted to take pride in. Rather than opting for ‘safe’ tattoos that can be easily hidden away under clothes, I had a monster of […]

Beatrix von Bourbon: Striptease - Where is the Focus?

BVB: Striptease – Where is the Focus?

Tease, tease, tease, STRIP… And then? Over the last few months my burlesque focus has shifted toward movement and on-stage imagery. I’ve become preoccupied with thinking about how I link my movements together on stage; how I can present near-static moments with elegance and power; how to add grace to elements that teeter dangerously on the edge of ‘stripper repertoire’. In seeking to develop these aspects of my own performance, I’ve been paying close attention to the performances of others, analysising their successes and weaknesses.

Kiki Kaboom

BVB: An Interview with Kiki Kaboom

London-based performer Kiki Kaboom is a trained actress, singer and burlesque dancer. Whilst she’s been on the burlesque circuit for only a couple of years, she’s worked that circuit with gusto, acquiring impressive CV achievements on her way. She’s the winner of ‘Best London Performer 2009’ at the London Burlesque Festival 2009 with her Geek […]

BVB: Themes in Burlesque

“I was thinking of doing a [insert your own burlesque cliché] act…” Over the past year I’ve noticed an increase in the number of emails I receive from performers who are anxious that their idea for a new act is so similar to an act in my repertoire that I, or other seasoned circuit goers, […]

BVB: Sequins and Rhinestones

I’ve been creating burlesque costumes by customising off-the-rack pieces for approximately four years. The hot-fix rhinestone applicator was one of the first tools of the trade I discovered via the burlesque community. I must say, my relationship with this dangerous wand has been turbulent. Since discovering hot-fix rhinestones, I’ve also experimented with regular rhinestones (fixed […]

BVB: How to Make a Fan Dance Your Own…

Many performers find that during their burlesque career, they are specifically asked to perform a fan dance. With the proliferation of fan dances on the circuit, it’s common to feel a pressure to make such an act your own by adding your own mark to it. But as often happens, one runs the risk of […]

THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 10

As it happens, we are celebrating a TOP ELEVEN. Because we have two British Beauties tied at No. 10! 10. Vicky Butterfly [Vicky Butterfly ©LA Burlesque] “In my opinion, Vicky is possibly the most unique contemporary burlesque artiste in the UK. Whilst her style is difficult to sumarise, I feel Gina Louise at did […]

BVB: So You Want to be A Headline Performer…?

I recently received the following question from a performer based in the Midlands, UK: “How do you make the jump from middle of the bill to top of the bill, it seems like an impossible glass ceiling?! I know myself and a few performers in the same position have pondered this a lot, be great […]

BVB: How NOT to Apply for a Burlesque Job…

The combination of the popularity of burlesque, the financial crisis and the growing popularity of variety events means that the competition for burlesque jobs is tougher than ever. Emailing event promoters to ask for work is a popular way to get yourself known as a performer, but it’s also a tricky task to get just […]