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Burlesque star Frankie Fictitious and her Rose AB stones. Image Anthony Notes
How to Rhinestone a Burlesque Costume – and help Black Performers Shine On

As the global burlesque scene tries to survive and adapt in this unprecedented and uncertain…

The Ultimate Burlesque Lingerie Guide - In Intimate Detail (Cora Harrington by Lars Kommienezuspadt)
The Ultimate Burlesque Costume Lingerie Guide – In Intimate Detail

From Lydia Thompson’s scandalous hosiery and Tempest Storm’s net bras, to Dita and D’Lish unlacing…

10 Burlesque Costume Tips for DIY Performers
10 Burlesque Costume Tips for DIY Performers

Christina Manuge is one of the most in demand costume wizards in burlesque. So who better to deliver 10 DIY costume tips for burlesque performers? Read on for the full down-low.

Burlesque Fan Dancing - Feathers and Fantasy
Burlesque Fan Dancing: Feathers and Fantasy

A history of burlesque fan dancing, from traditions and techniques to dazzling innovations.

Burlesque Costume Storage Guide, by Dinah Might
Burlesque Costume Storage Guide: How to Store and Care for your Burlesque Costumes

Behold! The Burlesque Costume Closet of your Dreams! Dinah Might is known for the immaculate…

7 Ways to Compliment Burlesque Performers

If you’re a burlesque dancer, Lort knows you’ve encountered all sorts of feedback on your…

11 Burlesque Commandments for 2017
11 Burlesque Commandments for 2017

In 2017, Burlesque TOP 50 big-hitter Bella Blue challenges you to swear on your pasties the following commitments to yourself:

The Bic Carrol Show - Burlesque Legend
Costume and Conversation with Burlesque Legend Bic Carrol

Electra Mourning recounts an unforgettable learning experience at the Austin Academy of Burlesque in August,…

Ginger Valentine at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease in The Orleans Showroom, Las Vegas. ©Chris Harman/Harman House Photography for 21st Century Burlesque Magazine. Not to be used without permission.
10 Steps to Classic Burlesque Superstardom – The Ultimate Masterclass

Classic burlesque striptease, when done well, captivates and excites me as much as it did…

Eva Mae Garnet by Vixen Photography
Burlesque Performers: Know When To Share Your Spotlight

As burlesque artists, we rarely do it all on our own. We still have photographers…

Burlesque Costume Tutorial: Tricks With Tights
Burlesque Costume Tutorial: Tricks With Tights

In a new series on 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, fabulous costumer, blogger and performer Viv…