Khandie’s Kholumn Part 7: Skinny Or Curvy – It’s All The Same To Me!

Khandie's Kholumn


A wee while ago, yours truly was parked in a mate’s living room watching the telly when a conversation cropped up. Sparked by the news coverage of a fashion show in some eastern European country, my girlfriends had launched into the age-old debate of ‘skinny models’. For once, instead of racing off and joining in the verbal destruction of all things size zero, I sat instead watching these women walk up and down the catwalk. It dawned on me that skinny models (to emulate my now cackling friends) get as much if not more stick about their size then us bigger models…

I hear people harping on how ‘its just not natural’ blah blah blah. Ok so yes – size zero isn’t always natural, but it does exist, though admittedly few and far between… But then surely perhaps a size 16 doesn’t exist naturally by the same standards. I am a size 14/16 because I eat more than I exercise – it’s simply mathematics for me. And before you all shout outraged at me, I know that for some people their size is due to medical conditions or other such things.

What I don’t get is why do we feel the need to voice out outrage at the slimmer girls? Some are that slim because they exercise more than they eat, and some because they are ill and some just are. Whether we like it or not, we are the opposite ends of the same equation, the total extremes of one another. So instead of harping on about who are the ‘better women’, why don’t we just accept that these two pole opposites do exist, rightly or wrongly?

Just as much as some of us hate to be ridiculed for not being slim, the slim girls hate being ridiculed for not being curvy. As if curves define the woman! Where did that argument come from anyway? Your ‘real woman’ status is defined by your DNA and not how much junk you have in the trunk, or lack of it. I am fed up of seeing everyone jumping on the bandwagon of ‘being plus-size therefore means you are a ‘real woman”. It seems fashionable right now to be a plus size woman; which is great, but it should be ok to be a skinnier woman. I am not talking malnourished chic here. I am talking a healthy size, a good size for you. AND NOT A SPECIFC DRESS SIZE. No one could call Paula Radcliff anorexic, but she is skinnier than most women I have seen. But the difference is that she is a healthy slim, she has to be otherwise she wouldn’t be running the marathons. We all know that excess body fat is bad for our health and that is why thousands of us trek off to weight loss meetings and undertake diets every year. We know that we should be healthier and we all try (at least I hope so!)

So lets turn off the self-destruct sequence, shut down the skinny girl destruction tool and remove the plus-size programme and start being comfortable in our own skin and concentrate on living healthier lives; be that as a size zero or a size 16.

Because frankly I could give two proverbial poops what my dress size is, as long as I am alive and healthy.

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