Performer Contracts - You Know What You Want When (Khandie's Kholumn)

Performer Contracts – Know What You Want and When (Khandie’s Kholumn)

How many of us book those last minute gigs and the idea of sending a contract beforehand just seems too much hassle? Or how many of us actually chase for the signed copy (that can be electronically signed too)? Or how many of us actually use them? A contract is an agreement between yourself and […]

Khandie Khisses

Khandie’s Kholumn: A Social Media Whinge

Log on to any of the countless social media network platforms out there and do you groan like I do at all the self-serving tosh you read?  ‘Oh wow I totally rock, I am super. I am… I am.’  Me me me! I know we are meant to keep fans abreast of what we are […]

Khandie's Kholumn: Going International

Khandie’s Kholumn: Going International

I have a friend – a rather opinionated friend – who believes that to be ‘truly international’ as a performer you must be paid to do gigs in places beyond Europe.  ‘International’ by its very meaning throws this statement out, as it means to cross national borders, and leaving the UK is enough. Hell, if […]

Khandie Khisses

Khandie’s Kholumn: Confidence Knocks

Gosh who hasn’t had it?! Someone makes a comment and before you know it you are staring in the mirror questioning yourself. Burlesque is no different from life in that respect. We are not immune to taunts, hurtful comments and soul destroying remarks. It seems for me I am either too fat, too crazy, too […]

Khandie’s Kholumn: Networking

It’s a tricky business this burlesque malarkey. Whilst your talents may get you so far, any professional performer will tell you that networking is key. This isn’t simply spouting on Facebook or the other social media networking sites. It’s about clever negotiations, working the room if you will. But not simply at shows. Networking goes […]

Khandie's Kholumn

Khandie’s Kholumn: Inspiration

My lack of inspiration regarding new acts was beginning to cause me worry. While I have been furiously beavering away at honing/fine tuning my old acts (paying particular care to the Rabbit Poison and Dark Before The Dawn acts), my desire to create a new act has not diminished. But alas, no muse or divine […]

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Khandie’s Kholumn Part 10: Imitated? Inspired? Stolen? Copied?

(Khandie graphic by Em Eato) Okay, so we all dread it – we work for decades (okay maybe not that long) on an act. We rhinestone the costume until our fingers are stumps, we bump and grind until we shuffle old women. Then finally the day comes when we debut the act. It goes well. […]

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Khandie’s Kholumn Part Nine: To Teach Or Not To Teach – What A Complex and Controversial Question!

(Khandie graphic by Em Eato) Do you teach burlesque?  Where can I learn? These are often questions I get asked at shows. It has made me stop and think lately whether there is ever a right time to teach. I mean my style is unique (or as one performer said recently ‘manic’). Would I be […]

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Khandie’s Kholumn Part 8: Not Smelling of Roses All The Time Then?

The bad side of burlesque? Does that really exist in this day when women know their rights and stand up for themselves with the assertion of a warrior going into battle? It would appear that, to the dismay of us on the proverbial circuit, that it does indeed. Whether it’s promoters not promoting effectively, performers […]

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Khandie’s Kholumn Part 7: Skinny Or Curvy – It’s All The Same To Me!

A wee while ago, yours truly was parked in a mate’s living room watching the telly when a conversation cropped up. Sparked by the news coverage of a fashion show in some eastern European country, my girlfriends had launched into the age-old debate of ‘skinny models’. For once, instead of racing off and joining in […]

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Khandie’s Kholumn Part Six: Khandie on Khorsets

For some women it’s shoes, for others it’s handbags – for me it’s corsets. Corsets, corsets and more corsets! Now I am not talking some flimsy boned piece of cotton contraption bought from some dodgy lingerie shop. I am talking full steel boning, as tight lacing as possible and, if I can afford it, custom […]