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Burlesque TOP 50 2015: Non-Performing Charts

Burlesque TOP 50 2015: Non-Performing Charts

Deepest apologies are offered for the delay on releasing the Burlesque TOP 50 2015 Non-Performing charts. The Burlesque TOP 50 always encourages votes for non-performing burlesque figures because their influence and contribution is just as important as the performers. This year there is a TOP 10 Non-Performing Women and a TOP 10 Non-Performing Men list, as follows:

The Burlesque TOP 50 2015 is sponsored by Sublime Boudoir

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Burlesque TOP 50 2015: Non-Performing Women

1. Flo Foxworthy (Costumier)

2. Holli-Mae Johnson (Journalist/Critic)

3. Vivacity Bliss (Producer)

4. Jen Gapay (Producer)

5. Shoshana Portnoy (Producer/Photographer)

6. Melody Mudd (Photographer/Editor)

7. Christina Manuge (Costumier)

8. Tigz Rice (Photographer)

9. Kaylin Idora (Photographer)

10. Leslie Zemeckis (Author/Producer)


Burlesque TOP 50 2015: Non-Performing Men

1. John Paul Bichard (Photographer) (Burlesque TOP 50 No. 47)

2. David Bishop (Stage Manager)

3. Neil Kendall (Photographer)

4. Doc Wasabassco (Producer)

5. Don Spiro (Photographer)

6. Dustin Wax (Executive Director, Burlesque Hall of Fame)

7. JD Oxblood (Writer/Critic)

8. Franco Milazzo (Editor/Critic)

9. Danial Webster (Costumier)

10. Franky Vivid (Producer)


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