Burlesque TOP 50 2016

Burlesque TOP 50 2016: Non-Performer Chart

Every year, thousands of burlesque professionals, peers and fans vote for their TOP 50 Burlesque Industry Figures. If you are new to this extremely popular process, please read the Burlesque TOP 50 Essential Guide here

This year, at least one vote for a non-performing burlesque industry figure was made compulsory, to make all those who contribute to burlesque offstage a first thought, rather than an afterthought. Thank you for your enthusiastic support of this new rule. 

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Burlesque TOP 50 2016 - 21st Century Burlesque Magazine
Burlesque TOP 50 2016 – 21st Century Burlesque Magazine


Burlesque TOP 50 2016: Non-Performer Chart

1. Christina Manuge, Manuge Et Toi (Costumier) TOP 50 NO. 22

2. David Bishop (Stage Manager) TOP 50 NO. 27

3. AJay Strong  (Producer)

4. Flo Foxworthy (Costumier)

4. Neil Kendall (Photographer/Producer)

5. John-Paul Bichard (Photographer)

6. Holli-Mae Johnson (Journalist/Educator)

7. Jen Gapay (Producer)

8. Joel Devereux (Photographer)

9. ‘Mama’ Megan Cahill (Production Manager)

10. Angel Leggas, 3 Fates Media (Photographer)


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11. Greg Inda (Photographer)

12. Vivacity Bliss (Producer)

13. Elise Scarytale, Sweet Carousel Corsetry (Costumier)

14. Kidd Gloves (Photographer)

15. Domino Devile (Producer)

16. Frank Lam (Photographer)

17. Anna Volpi (Photographer)

18. Doc Wasabassco (Producer)

19. Leslie Zemeckis (Author)

20. Dustin Wax (Executive Director, Burlesque Hall of Fame)

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