The Burlesque TOP 50 2012 No. 5 (Part Two!): Perle Noire

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The Burlesque TOP 50 2012: No. 5 (Part Two!)

So, as you may have guessed from the previous entry, you’re getting eleven for the price of ten. ALSO at No. 5 is…

5. Perle Noire

Perle Noire, from a Strip Strip Hooray! shoot by ©Kaylin Idora. Not to be used without permission.
Perle Noire, from a Strip Strip Hooray! shoot by ©Kaylin Idora. Not to be used without permission.

Perle Noire – a fearless, roof raising, proud and powerful force of burlesque nature – has cracked the TOP 10!

Perle’s high energy performances have to be seen to be believed. Described by some as the reincarnation of her heroine, Josephine Baker, Perle dances with strength, confidence and breathtaking gymnastic agility.  She has been recognised with a number of awards: ‘Queen of Burlesque’ at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, ‘Best Debut’ at BHoF in 2008, Second Runner Up in BHoF 2009, and ‘Most Dazzling’ at BHoF in 2012.

Her 2012 appearances included the Colorado Burlesque Festival, the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the San Antonio Burlesque Festival, Viva Las Vegas, and her ‘Most Dazzling’ performance at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend (you can read a pre-pageant interview here). She also joined Dita von Teese and co-stars for a Strip Strip Hooray! 2012 US tour.

I think Perle deserves her place in this list. She contributes something magical and unique to burlesque; the energy and feeling she injects into every gesture has given us some truly majestic performances to enjoy.

2012 Footage

Giving her ‘Most Dazzling’ performance at BHoF 2012…

With Bustout Burlesque. (Posted in 2012.)

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This was posted in 2012, but is actually a performance from 2006. It just makes me smile, and I thought you would enjoy it too!

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