The Burlesque TOP 50 2012: No. 4

The Burlesque TOP 50 2012 No. 4: Dita von Teese

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4. Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese, captured during the Strip Strip Hooray 2012 tour by  ©Kaylin Idora. Not to be used without permission.
Dita von Teese, captured during the Strip Strip Hooray 2012 tour by ©Kaylin Idora. Not to be used without permission.

Dita von Teese – the most famous burlesque performer of our time – continues to bring high-glamour striptease to the masses.

Dita is one of the most hardworking, meticulous women in the business. She controls every element of her performances – from the lighting and technical elements to the music, costume and aesthetic. So much time, dedication and effort goes into every detail, and the result is a highly polished spectacle of fantasy, flirtation and fun.

As well as her many performances and engagements in 2012, Dita launched a cosmetics range with Art Deco, created a second perfume, Rouge, and her lingerie and clothing collections launched in a number of new locations. Click here for more information on all of her brands and products. She was also transformed into a magical hologram, which was created for the Design Museum’s Christian Louboutin exhibition in London.

Dita was at her most opulent and spectacular in the 2012 tour of her hugely successful show, Strip Strip Hooray!, which also starred Dirty Martini, Perle Noire, Murray Hill as host, and her long time friend and collaborator Catherine D’Lish. (I published a special 2012 interview with Dita and Catherine that discusses their amazing partnership; you can read it here…)  The show goes on the road again this year (2013), starting with dates in LA and New York, and you can visit the links below to find out more. Dita and I worked together on an in-depth 12 page feature about ‘The Opium Den’ – the show’s finale – which many consider to be her masterpiece. The feature involved everyone who worked on the show, and illustrated just how much hard work and investment goes into creating an act of that scale and expense.

I can only imagine what Dita will deliver in 2013, but I always look forward to finding out…

2012 Footage

Strip Strip Hooray! Trailer

The making of the Dita hologram for the Design Museum’s Christian Louboutin exhibition…

The Von Follies 2012 fashion show at Melbourne Fashion Festival, featuring Dita and models…

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Find out more about Strip Strip Hooray! and 2013 Tour Dates.

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