Claudine Van Den Bergh, Moulin Rouge showgirl. ®Moulin Rouge-« S.Wells

Together We Can-Can: Life as a Moulin Rouge Showgirl

I am thrilled to present this special feature about sensational showgirl Claudine Van Den Bergh, who I had the pleasure of interviewing backstage at the legendary Moulin Rouge, Paris. After passing through a hidden door and an intriguing labyrinth of dressing rooms and studios,  I was shown into a room with a mannequinned row of eye-wateringly fabulous costumes. The view was […]

Dita von Teese talks Cocktails, Clubs and Catwalks…

Dita is literally everywhere at the moment. On stages all over the world, on film, on screen, on menus, even on bottles! There are cocktails and desserts named after her, an interactive virtual mansion inhabited by her, and now a private club is about to spring up in Paris for a month, filled from ceiling […]

Dita in Paris…

This week, I spoke to Dita about her recent and upcoming plans in ‘La Ville-Lumière’ – a city forever close to her heart… Dita performs ‘Lazy’, at The Crazy Horse Paris (©Antoine Poupel) You have recently wrapped up all of the performance and recording at The Crazy Horse, and soon you will be back in […]

INTERVIEW: Dita Von Teese

Everyone has an opinion on Dita Von Teese, some of which are unapologetically judgemental or negative, but there are those who are big enough to admit, none the less, that if it were not for Dita, they would never have discovered burlesque, cheesecake, even erotica. They would not be part of the communities they enjoy, […]