BHOF 2009: Queen Kalani! [Plus Full List of Winners]

kalani-copy1As the chorus of voices behind me shouted, as Kalani claimed her trophy – ‘It’s about ****** time!’

It was a long overdue and indisputably deserved victory for Kalani Kokonuts – Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2009.

I just couldn’t hold back my tears of happiness; Kalani is a visionary performer and a fascinating woman with a dreamer’s soul and uncompromising standards. Now her excellence has been officially recognised, and I will forever be thrilled to have been inches away.

There were SO many fantastic performanceson the night – I really didn’t envy the judges when it came to some of the categories; the performers produced such a wide variety of routines and many of them deserved a title for their efforts.

Here is the full list of winners:

The Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2009: Kalani KoKonuts (Las Vegas, NV)
First Runner Up: Roxy Dlite (Windsor, ON, Canada)
Second Runner Up: Perle Noire (New Orleans, LA)

Best Boylesque / Reigning King: Hot Toddy (Chicago, IL)

Best Debut: Melody Mangler (Vancouver, B.C., )

Burlesque Hall of Fame Legends Award: Satan’s Angel

Best Variety Act: Gigi & Pop (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Innovative: Aerobella Trapeze (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Classic: Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue (Stockholm, Sweden)
Most Comical: Little Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
Most Dazzling: Kalani KoKonuts (Las Vegas, NV)

Holli Mae Johnson
Burlesque Hall of Fame / Miss Exotic World Judge, 2011 Holli Mae Johnson is the founder and editor of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, a pioneering publication created twelve years ago to unite, document and celebrate the global burlesque community. Holli is actively involved in the burlesque community on a day to day basis and is privately consulted by performers and producers at every level for promotion, critique, recommendations and encouragement. As a documenter and critic, she has seen countless burlesque and variety performances from across the world and provides an intimate perspective and insight into the lives and careers of burlesque’s greatest pioneers, performers and personalities.

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