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The Couple say their Vows... (Courtesy of LA Burlesque)
The Couple say their Vows... (Courtesy of LA Burlesque)
Michelle gets a post-performance rub down from her bridesmaids...
Michelle gets a post-performance rub down from her bridesmaids...

On Friday 5th of June at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Showcase, Michelle L’Amour provided the first act finale, and it was the fantastic sensual strip-fest we have come to expect from such a master of tease.

But what the audience didn’t expect, was the spectacle to follow…

Michelle had told me previously that she and Franky [Vivid] were finally tying the knot; in fact, they were going to get married ‘straight after the number’. But the fact that the wedding would take place after her performance in the most literal sense was a wonderful surprise!

As the applause came to an end, a long line of bridesmaids, dressed in a soft blue with white hairbands took their places on one side of the stage, and on the other side, a line of witnesses, which read like a Who’s Who of American burlesque.

Three bridesmaids came forward to dry Michelle’s oiled skin, and dressed her in a stunning white gown with a plunging jewelled back and matching headdress. All the while, Franky stood watching and waiting, next to Miss Astrid, who would conduct the ceremony.

Astrid was on typical good form, and took the time to explain to Michelle and Franky what their new responsibilities were as a married couple; namely that they were now obliged to have sex with eachother ‘all the time’, even when the ‘Ass that Goes Pow!’ isn’t quite so powalicious any more, and that Franky must avoid becoming ‘that guy’ when he has his inevitable mid-life crisis – no sportscars or women half his age!

Here Comes the Bride... (Left: ©21CP  Right: ©Don Spiro)
Here Comes the Bride... (Left: ©21CP Right: ©Don Spiro)

There may have been those in the audience who, up to this point, believed this to be merely part of the performance, but once the couple came to stand together, it was plain to see how much this moment meant to each of them. Michelle couldn’t hold back the tears when they began to speak their vows, and they had an intimate moment together without the microphones switched on.

At last, Miss Astrid pronounced them married – and the entire wedding entourage came down the steps at the front of the stage and through the centre aisle and out of the theatre, to loud and affectionate applause.

Superstar Witnesses: Dirty Martini, Tigger and Jo Weldon...
Superstar Witnesses: Dirty Martini, Tigger and Jo Weldon...

It was so lovely to witness Michelle and Franky’s special moment, which they chose to share with us, and I just know that they have many many happy years ahead of them. Congratulations guys!

Holli Mae Johnson
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