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On the tragic passing of Sparkly Devil…

On the tragic passing of Sparkly Devil…

On the tragic passing of Sparkly Devil...

As I’m sure many of you have heard at this stage, Sparkly Devil was killed in a car accident on Sunday morning.

It feels impossible – unthinkable – that this has happened. Even as a fellow writer, I am struggling to find words that do her justice. We hear the phrase ‘full of life’ often, but it applies in every way to Sarah.  Her heart and mind seemed to spill over with zest, warmth, imagination and bravery, and everyone she touched was infected by it.  I think many of us are gripped by a sort of numb denial at this time, thinking of the last time we spoke to her, trying to savour every minute we spent with her. I first met Sparkly Devil at Tease-O-Rama, years ago, when I conceived this publication. Some people knew her less than others, or knew her solely through her writing and performances, but she could lift and inspire you after the briefest encounter, as many have testified over the last twenty-four hours. My love and thoughts go out especially to her closest loved ones, particularly to her husband, who I understand is in a critical condition.

This beautiful image of Sparkly Devil really sums her up, I think.  ©Brian Sørensen
This beautiful image of Sparkly Devil really sums her up, I think. ©Brian Sørensen

Sparkly Devil has been a treasured and adored member of the burlesque community for many, many years. Based in San Fransisco since 2007, she was a founding member of the Hubba Hubba Revue. She entertained audiences at countless events and festivals, and she appeared in numerous publications. She performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend many times, and it is due to Sparkly Devil that we have the wonderful Legends Challenge, which has allowed many of our incredible burlesque legends to attend the Weekender.  Sparkly Devil was also a gifted writer, and it has been a delight and great honour to share some of her words with you all over the past few years on 21CB, most recently her updated guide to the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend and an intelligent article about rejection.  Please take the time to read more of Sparkly’s words on her blog.

The following is from Jim Sweeney, who made this official announcement yesterday on Facebook:

“Dearest Hubba Hubba Revue Friends & Family,

You’ve seen photos and comments and sad hints all day, but now that her family has authorized us to make this official announcement, it is with the heaviest of hearts that we tell you all that our dear Hubba-sister –the amazing, powerful, immensely loved & talented Sparkly Devil, died last night in an automobile accident.

Our grief is immeasurable, and the shock and anguish felt by our entire national & international burlesque community is already staggering. A terrible void has appeared where before there was a glittering, wonderful, irreplaceable friend & performer.

Our sadness knows no boundries, and is only tempered by the joyful memories of everything she gave us. We all love you so much, our beautiful show-sister –we do, and we always will.

Our friends at the Burlesque Hall of Fame are already making plans for fitting tributes, and we will of course memorialize our sister here, in the Bay Area, as soon as time & circumstances allow.

For now, friends, we thank you so much for your support, and ask you to take a moment today to revel in the happiness, laughter and pure, sparkling joy that Sparkly added to all of our lives.

Yours, Very Sincerely, With Love,

–Jim Sweeney”

Bless you Sparkly. You, and all you have achieved and inspired, will never be forgotten.


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