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Competing for the Crown: Lola Frost (BHoF 2013)

Competing for the Crown: Lola Frost (BHoF 2013)

Competing for the Crown: Lola Frost (BHoF 2013)

The exquisite and eloquent Lola Frost has answered my 2013 pre-BHoF Q&A, and she will take to the stage in a matter of days at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013. I put something lighthearted and fun together this year, and requested some extra ‘media’ from each contender.

When I’m on stage, I feel…  at home. Powerful, vulnerable, generous and free.

When I’m on stage, I want the audience to feel… like they are the only ones in the room. That they are seeing something created just for them and being brought into a spell being cast to create a moment in time.

Lola Frost's self-portrait.  ©Lola Frost
Lola Frost’s self-portrait. ©Lola Frost

The Burlesque Hall of Fame is special and important to me because…  when I debuted in 2010, it was also my first time attending. I was at a crossroads with the direction of my goals and was receiving pressure from my job to choose between the stage and them. So I was either going to go full on with this passion – this dream of becoming a showgirl – or I was going to leave it and pursue this other avenue. I thought by going to BHoF it would be a great conclusion to my accomplishments in burlesque. HA!

The moment I arrived, I knew I was home and this would be my path for the rest of my life. This glitter pilgrimage, filled with those I love, adore and admire, is invaluable. The support of this community is second to none and I am privileged to be a contributing part. The Burlesque Hall of Fame reunion changed my life and gave me the strength to hold true to this path I was seeking all along. The legends, the titans and the community are the pillars that hold us together in the glorious arena of our wild and wonderful art.

I chose the act I am competing with because…  It’s a piece I hold so close to my heart. It’s completely my style from mood, to music, to movement. I felt that, when I created it last year, I really hit my stride in something I had been trying to manifest for sometime. It’s a blend of drama, sensuality and strength that I seek to unfold and translate every time I’m on stage.

If I am crowned Queen… I would, a la Mean Girls, break that crown into eleven pieces and give a one to each Grrrl, because Sisters, we are all Queens in my book! Then I would hump the stage and cry a little bit, pull myself together and represent the BHoF with all the fierce love I have in my heart.

If I could speak to myself when I was a new performer starting out, I would say/tell myself…  Trust your voice, trust your vision and follow it without compromise. Don’t try to be ‘innovative’, be you; express what that desire is then do the work to get it out. Oh, and listen to the drag queens – wear more make up! Don’t worry, more is more!

Something that few people know about me is… I used to be a competitive figure skater, and I have matching birth marks, one on my left cheek and one on my left bum cheek!

Lola Frost.  ©David Denofreo
Lola Frost. ©David Denofreo

I am happiest when… I am in the flow. Moving, creating, teaching, transforming and building something greater than myself.

My greatest strength is… holding space for vulnerability to transform into creativity, and giving deep, honest hugs.

My biggest vice is…  olive sourdough bread, late night whiskey, and making out.

My greatest fear is…  Holding back. To have something internal or external prevent me from bringing forth my personal expression.

If I could spend a day with any woman in history, past or present, it would have to be…  I would adore a ‘Lingerie Sunday Session’ (brunch, champagne and lingerie) lounging with Cleopatra, Anais Nin, Louise Brooks and RuPaul.

If I could have a superhero power, it would be…  Psychokinesis and Flight.

A kiss from Lola Frost.
A kiss from Lola Frost.

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is… I’ve had the honour of receiving incredible advice from many I admire, including life changing nibbles from Tigger!, Trixie Little, Burgundy Brixx, Legs Malone and Crystal Precious.

A standout moment was when I was very new to burlesque and I workshopped a number with Miss Indigo Blue. She was the one who pointed out my eyes and connection. My style has always been on the more dark and dramatic side, and she saw that I was internalising it, not projecting it. She told me we need to see it, and right now, I was the only one seeing it. She gave me permission to give it and it’s been game on ever since!

If I could only watch one movie, hear one song and read one book for the rest of my life, they would be…  Movie: Who’s that Girl.  Song: (so IMPOSSIBLE to choose but today it would be) Baby by Ariel Pink.  Book: The Odyssey by Homer.

The key to show-stopping striptease is… Love it, own it, indulge in it and give it generously without expectation.

My hopes for the future of burlesque are… that it continues down its current path of acceptance, inclusion, education, preservation and making groundbreaking art. I have never before been part of such a warm, creative and crazy group of individuals, united in the mission of elevating each other while simultaneously honouring and cherishing the past.

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