On the Road with Dangerous Curves Ahead!

On the Road with Dangerous Curves Ahead: Week One

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Greetings from the road!

Anita Cookie, aka Miss Fix-It, giving our minivan, which we named Al (aka Ray-Ray for short) some TLC.
Anita Cookie, aka Miss Fix-It, giving our minivan, which we named Al (aka Ray-Ray for short) some TLC.

Our Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go! Spring Tour 2012 kicked off on April 10th in Charleston, WV, where we arrived almost two hours late to our show due to heavy traffic and what we think was a time warp caused by West Virginian Urban Legend, The Moth Man. Thankfully our hosts Penny Maple and Pepper Fandango got the crowd warmed up and ready for us. The next day we reunited with GiGi La Femme in Lexington, KY (she recently moved to Nashville). It was wonderful to have our Lady Band, as we like to call ourselves, back together again for a fun show with the Rebel Riot Revue Burlesque Troupe. The next day we to headed to St. Louis where our friends Lola Van Ella and Sammich the Tramp welcomed us with open arms. We performed with them on our second tour in the fall of 2010 and we were thrilled to be back! We also loved seeing many local performers at our show including Greta Garter and Miss Viva Las Vegas winner, Jeez Loueez.

"Wichita, KS – the birthplace of GiGi La Femme!"
"Wichita, KS – the birthplace of GiGi La Femme!"

Bright and early on April 13th we kissed St. Louis farewell and headed to Wichita, KS – the birthplace of GiGi La Femme! Our first stop was a visit to the house GiGi lived in as a wee lass before we headed to the historic Murdock Theatre where our hosts, Dr. Dillinger and his Freaks and Floozies, greeted and treated us Midwest hospitality style. One of the highlights was the show’s finale. The entire cast congregated on stage to sing, You’re A Grand ‘Ol Flag while one of the performers proudly paraded around the stage waving the American flag… in a corset! The audience – young and old – stood up, put their hand on their hearts, and joined us in song. It was a unique and heartwarming taste of Americana!  Midwest hospitality continued post show at the hotel bar where the producers organized a lovely meet-and-greet for us. It was our first time performing in Wichita and hopefully won’t be our last.

A Schlep Sister pit stop!
A Schlep Sister pit stop!

We spent most of April 14th, the fifth day of Spring Tour 2012, driving across western Kansas on the way to Colorado Springs surrounded by “amber waves of grain”, while escaping two tornados and a thunderstorm. As can be expected, driving across the country with five classy burlesque ladies includes many pit stops. The Schlep Sisters (Darlinda Just Darlinda and Minnie Tonka) have the smallest bladders of the bunch and when a bathroom isn’t readily available, they happily duck behind a tree off the side of the road. That evening we performed with Lola Spitfire and her troupe, Peaks and Pasties. We were excited to see them again two years after our Colorado Springs debut on our first tour in Spring 2010! It’s especially thrilling to expose ourselves in one of the most conservative cities in the country where Lola Spitfire has created and built an impressive and thriving burlesque scene. Kudos to her!

Check out @missclamscasino on twitter for full backstage access!
Check out @missclamscasino on twitter for full backstage access!

On April 15th we woke up to Lola and her girlfriend Bronwen cooking us the most delicious homemade brunch before we taught our signature  ‘burlesque 101’ workshop. We appreciated our time in Colorado and as experienced it in all its unpredictable glory on our drive north, where we hit a snowstorm, rainstorm, and then clear beautiful sunny skies all within an hour. We crossed the state line into Wyoming to find buffalo roaming. A night off for us in Casper, WY where the town shuts down at 9PM. Sadly, we just missed the Little Miss Wyoming Pageant held at our hotel. Luckily, we planned ahead and made a liquor store run earlier in the day. Next up: Missoula, MT with Cigarette Girls Burlesque. We cannot wait!

Minnie, Darlinda, Clams, Gigi and Anita.

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