On the Red Carpet at the NYBF Golden Pastie Awards 2009… [Plus full Golden Pastie Results!]

Tatah Dujour and Minnie Tonka Interview the Stars of NYBF 2009 at the Golden Pastie Awards…

Directed and Produced by Marky Pierson (www.markypierson.com)

Golden Pastie Results:

  • Burlesque performer most likely to appear in Playboy: Angie Pontani
  • Biggest Kissing Bandit of burlesque: Tigger!
  • Biggest Hair in burlesque: Darlinda Just Darlinda
  • Performer with the most luggage / Biggest Schlep in burlesque: Amber Ray
  • Hottest Mess in burlesque (most likely to lose/forget things, pop pasties etc.): Wild Card Kitty
  • Performer most likely to end up in Bangkok missing a kidney: Sparkly Devil
  • Hottest Freshman 2009: Lil’ Miss Lixx
  • Performer most likely to complete a monopoly, taking over the burlesque scene to become the Donald Trump of burlesque: Angie Pontani
  • Most Sensual performer: Tied – Kellita and Peekaboo Pointe
  • Most Scandalous performer: Gravity Plays Favourites
  • Best Body in burlesque: Dirty Martini
  • Performer with a positively perfect posterior: Helen Pontani
  • Most Elegant performer: Amber Ray
  • Most Classic performer: Dirty Martini
  • Hottest Cougar 2009: Jo Boobs (Second year running!)
  • Most creative/innovative performer 2009: Darlinda Just Darlinda
  • Retired burlesque revue missed the most: Starshine Burlesque


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