On the Red Carpet at the NYBF Golden Pastie Awards 2009… [Plus full Golden Pastie Results!]

Tatah Dujour and Minnie Tonka Interview the Stars of NYBF 2009 at the Golden Pastie Awards… Directed and Produced by Marky Pierson (www.markypierson.com) Golden Pastie Results: Burlesque performer most likely to appear in Playboy: Angie Pontani Biggest Kissing Bandit of burlesque: Tigger! Biggest Hair in burlesque: Darlinda Just Darlinda Performer with the most luggage / […]

New York Burlesque, by Jo Weldon

Burlesque in New York: A Brief Overview of Our Scene By Jo Weldon If you’re looking for a burlesque vacation, you can come to New York and know that every night you’ll be able to get your fix! Burlesque was made popular in New York by Lydia Thompson and her British Blondes in the 19th […]