ALERT: Michelle L’amour’s new Valentine’s Day act is going to Blow. Your. Mind.

For more than a decade, Michelle L’amour – Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2005 – has been bringing Chicago the “Hottest Night of Winter” with amazing Valentine’s Day productions. And now Michelle is preparing to unleash an entirely new show – Le Nu – an “intimate European inspired evening like Chicago has never seen”. Guests […]

Michelle L'amour and the Stripper's Holiday 2015 trainees.

Di Lovely: Stripper’s Holiday 2015

It all came full circle when I got the invitation e-mail from Michelle L’amour. I’ve always wanted to participate in Stripper’s Holiday, ever since I wanted to pursue burlesque.  Not many people know this, but back in 2010 I moved from sunny San Diego to snowy Chicago. It was the big blizzard they hadn’t had […]

Miss Vampfire at Michelle L'amour's Stripper's Holiday 2014

Miss Vampfire at Michelle L’amour’s Stripper’s Holiday 2014

An Italian in Chicago: Stripper’s Holiday 2014 report from Miss Vampfire… I first heard about Stripper’s Holiday in 2012 and I was immediately intrigued by it. Just the thought of taking classes with one of the best performers in the world, living at her place with other ladies from all over the US, sounded fabulous […]

All I Want for Christmas: Michelle L'amour and the Chicago Starlets

All I Want for Christmas: Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets

Chicago Starlet Lady Ginger reports on Michelle L’amour’s All I Want For Christmas production… Yes, Chicago, there is a Santa – but she’s a woman, she’s sexy as hell, and her name’s Michelle L’amour! Michelle L’amour, together with the sexiest ‘elves’ you’ve ever seen, The Chicago Starlets, brought Chicago audiences the hottest gifts around for […]

Stripper's Holiday 2013

Stripper’s Holiday 2013

A look back at Stripper’s Holiday 2013, by Black Mariah. I love Stripper’s Holiday. I love to talk about Stripper’s Holiday. The name just begs to be said out loud… STRIPPER’S HOLIDAY!  The name makes everyone who hears it want to join in, and I can only speculate about what people must think we do […]

Frenchie Kiss' Superstars of Burlesque Diary

Frenchie Kiss’ Superstars of Burlesque Diary

I was so thrilled to be a part of Superstars of Burlesque, which started as an incredible show in 2009 and has now (year three!) become a full weekend. I’m such a lucky ducky that I got to stargaze and participate in so many ways this year. So, let’s open the pages of my diary, […]

A BHoF 2012 Retrospective, by The Stage Door Johnnies.

A BHoF 2012 Retrospective, by The Stage Door Johnnies.

It’s been almost two months since the world’s biggest burlesque festival draped its glittery terror all over America’s Sin City.  The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2012 has come and gone, leaving us with a new monarchy of rhinestoned royalty and another year for title-seeking hopefuls and title-holding heavyweights to refresh, revive and get re-inspired.  […]

Ginger Valentine: Stripper's Holiday 2012

Ginger Valentine: Stripper’s Holiday 2012

This is the story of ten strippers picked to live in a house… Since attending Michelle L’amour‘s Stripper’s Holiday I’ve made (and heard) plenty of Real World jokes while fondly discussing this very special week of cohabitation, artistic exploration and growth for burlesque performers. And while it helps my listener draw their own outrageous conclusions, […]

Frenchie Kiss' Burlesque Hall of Fame Diary

Frenchie Kiss’ Burlesque Hall of Fame Diary

In the first of the BHoF 2012 diaries, ‘Best Duo’ co-winner and Chicago Starlet, Frenchie Kiss shares her daily entries… Thursday Dear Diary, I can’t believe it finally arrived, my favourite weekend of the year: BHoF! I was up with the roosters to catch my flight to Vegas. Thankfully Lady Ginger was willing to be […]

BHoF 2012: Double Trouble

BHoF 2012: Double Trouble

It’s almost here! Everyone will soon be packed up and on their way to Vegas. I had a little chat with the three sizzling partnerships competing for ‘Best Duo’ – it’s going to be one hot joust! Ready for action are Chicago Starlet, Frenchie Kiss, and Stage Door Johnny, Jett Adore; Jett’s fellow Johnny, Ray […]

The Chicago Starlets

The Chicago Starlets

The Chicago Starlets – Michelle L’amour’s burlesque supergroup; a captivating chorus line of bright, beautiful women who each began by attending and advancing through the classes at Studio L’amour. They regularly perform in long running, L’amour-produced shows in Chicago, and have repeatedly entertained the audience at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, winning ‘Best Group’ […]