ONLINE PREMIERE: Michelle L’amour – ‘Shower with Affection’

ONLINE PREMIERE: Michelle L’amour – ‘Shower with Affection’

On her birthday, Michelle L’amour has allowed us to present to you her new act, “Shower With Affection”. We hope you enjoy this little ‘online premiere’, and we are sure you will all join us in wishing Michelle a very happy birthday – feel free to leave birthday messages in the comments section below…

Naked Girls Reading: Anniversary Special!

©Don Spiro “So you wanna know about the Naked Girls, huh? Naked Girls Reading is a group of beautiful ladies who love to read… naked. That’s really it. There’s not a whole lot more to it. Should there be? I mean, sure, we also like to do it in front all of you voyeurs via […]

Interview: Michelle L’amour

Michelle L’amour is someone I find endlessly fascinating. She is warm and charming to speak to, with a delicious laugh and composed demeanour. But when she takes to the stage a sexual power and captivating energy exudes from her, whether she’s floating across the stage with her fans or whipping the audience into a frenzy […]