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BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009 RESULTS: No. 50 – 31

BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009 RESULTS: No. 50 – 31

The Burlesque Top 50  2009!

We are pleased to give you the Burlesque TOP 50 for 2009 – as voted by YOU!

THOUSANDS of you have voted from all over the world – we were stunned by your response and are so glad that everyone took the time to vote.

This is a collective decision – some of you are performers, or people who work within burlesque as producers, writers, organisers, teachers, costumiers, photographers and so on.

Others of you are dedicated audience members and enthusiasts. So the people that have made this shortlist have been voted for by their peers and their fans alike.

Overall, you nominated over 800 different performers!
We know that there will be inevitable discussion, and possibly some disagreement about who came where, and those who haven’t made the TOP 50 at all – believe us when we say there have been some shocks and heated discussions in our team over the results!

But here they are – YOUR TOP 50. The fifty individuals who have most impressed, entertained and inspired you in 2009. So let’s celebrate and acknowledge them!

50 – 31
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50. Greta Garter

Making her beginning in the Moscow ballet at the age of three; Greta is a fire-breathing, trapeze-flying temptress who performs with The Alley Cat Revue, St. Louis.

49. Kiki Kaboom

Kiki was crowned 2009 Best Newcomer at the London Burlesque Festival, and is a regular on the London circuit. She also teaches at the London Academy of Burlesque.

48. Melody Mangler

Melody soared in popularity this year when her beautiful performance at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend this year won her ‘Best Debut’.

47. Go Go Amy

From Go Go Girl to Burlesque Bombshell – Amy is a shimmying, teaching, modelling machine!

46. Millicent Binks

A true burlesque beauty – Millicent has brought her signature style and presence to burlesque, and is equally in demand as a model and muse. This year, she brought her elegant and playful ‘English Rose’ routine to the Casino de Paris for The Gentry de Paris Revue. A unique personality; we anticipate more excitement and stunning creations from this young lady…

45. Peekaboo Pointe

Peekaboo oozes sass and sexiness! An extremely popular performer; she thrilled us at BHoF this year as a feline femme fatale!

44. Scarlett Letter

In her own words: “I sew ’til my fingers bleed, and read ’til my eyes pop. The music never stops and my hair hasn’t given me whip-lash yet. Just give me the word and I am good to go!”

43. Lola Spitfire

The creator of ‘Peaks and Pasties’ – Southern Colorado’s first and only burlesque, boylesque, vaudevillian, variety troupe; Lola Spitfire and her troupe perform at the most prestigious venues in Southern Colorado and frequently contribute to local charities. She aims to incorporate “classic, traditional, vaudevillian, and modern talents, along with the art of theater and burlesque” into every show she produces.

42. Red Snapper

Acting, stripping, choreographing, directing, teaching – Ms Snapper never seems to stop. And you’ve recognised her hard work by voting her into the Top 50!

41. Clams Casino

Innovative and hilarious in equal measure, Clams is a NYC burlesque treasure. She is a Golden Pastie and BHoF award winner, has co-produced and starred in a string of successful shows, and has been featured in many publications…

40. Dizzy Von Damn

Miss Viva Las Vegas 2008 is at number 40! An award winning performer, singer, comedienne, hostess and “all-round badass!”

39. Renea Le Roux

The powerhouse from Atlanta, Georgia comes next – an unmissable towering presence at any event, with out-of-this-world curves and flamboyance. A gifted costume designer; she put on a dazzling display at BHoF and The New Orleans Burlesque Festival this year…

38. Tanya Cheex

Cheeky Canadian Cheex is the artistic director of Skin Tight Outta Sight and a has a very popular blog. She is also a gifted costume stylist and events coordinator, and a much loved member of the burlesque community…

37. Ophelia Flame

This Top 50 just caught fire! Ophelia Flame has been performing for almost twenty years and still burns up the stage with her sensuous presence and elegant, classic routines. Also a producer and choreographer; Ophelia is trained in a range of dance mediums and is one of the most respected and experienced performers on the circuit…

36. Indigo Blue

It’s the queen of tassel twirling at 36! We first came across Indigo at Tease-o-rama some years ago, where we experienced her expert teaching and craftsmanship for ourselves. She is the headmistress of The Academy of Burlesque in Seattle, and the organiser of BurlyCon – a fabulous annual weekend of workshops, panels, social events and classes. Her performances are so creative and original, and always with ‘A Wink and a Smile!’…

35. Fancy Chance

On a mission to spread laughter and entertainment, this comedy performer and can-can cutie is the director of Burly Q: A Queer Cabaret, in London, and was crowned Miss Alternative World in 2009…

34. Frisky and Mannish

We aren’t surprised to see this talented duo make the list – WHAT a year they have had! We experienced them for the first time this year, and were clutching our sides with laughter within seconds! Genuinely musically gifted; their witty pop parodies and splicing and merging of musical genres is pure genius. A unique and exciting presence on the UK burlesque and variety circuit…

33. Joe Black

What a popular chap we have at 33! Enjoyed and applauded up and down the United Kingdom, this er… morally dubious young man has clearly earned your respect – and your votes!

“Whether master of ceremonies, singer, dancer or actor…Joe Black is ready to give you a show, that years of therapy couldn’t even help you forget!”

32. World Famous *BOB*

Well folks, take it from us – you haven’t had a real martini until you’ve had one expertly mixed in this lady’s cleavage! It is a spectacle to be seen!

Bob’s credentials and resume are mindblowing. She has been photographed by the likes of David LaChapelle and Mario Testino, taken to the catwalk for Lane Bryant and worked with Thierry Mugler, starred in MTV commercials, won five Golden Pastie awards, and graced the pages of Marie Claire, Esquire, Hustler, New York Times Magazine, Paper, Mode and Bust Magazine, amongst many others.

Not to mention her warmth, friendliness, creativity and dedication. World Famous *BOB* is world class…

31. Red Sarah

Red Sarah continues to win the respect and gratitude of fellow performers that benefit from her tuition, guidance and support. A statue artiste, stilt walker, DJ and drag king, as well as an accomplished burlesque performer – Red Sarah’s great strengths are experience and character development. Her ‘Act Doctor’ sessions seem to be especially in demand, helping performers to tweak and enhance their routines, and establish narrative and intent.

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