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Burlesque Beauty: LouLou D’vil

Burlesque Beauty: LouLou D’vil

Burlesque Beauty: LouLou D'vil

In a new Burlesque Beauty series, performers discuss their favourite beauty products, beauty regimes, indulgences and philosophy.  Kitten De Ville and Melody Sweets have had their say; next up is Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2013 and Burlesque TOP 50 No. 1 2013, LouLou D’vil…


Onstage: I use RED Burlesque lipstick, colour ‘LouLou D’vil’. It’s an intense burgundy red which fits my passionate personality well. I love this lipstick because its texture is creamy and smooth and it is also long-lasting.

Offstage: I use sometimes lipstick but usually prefer a more natural look. Christian Dior Lip Maximizer is my favourite choice offstage.

LouLou D'vil getting lippy.  ©LouLou D'vil
LouLou D’vil getting lippy. ©LouLou D’vil


Onstage and photo shoots: I use MAC Pro Longwear foundation. I personally think this is the best product I have ever used! It feels fabulous on your skin, it hydrates, and it is very long lasting. Before foundation I apply Smashbox Photo Finish foundation to my skin because it hydrates it. My skin is quite dry so I need lot of moisturising.

Offstage: I use bareMinerals original foundation. Its light texture is perfect for daily use and it makes my skin glow. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Eyes and Brows

Onstage: For eyes and brows I use MAC and Make Up Store products because they have high pigment colours. To create perfect cat eyes I use Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner.

Offstage: Same as onstage, and also eye shadow by KIKO.


Onstage: Before pin curling my hair I use (to dry hair) L’Oreal Tecni Art Pli Thermo-Fixing Spray and the finish everything with Tigi Hard Head hairspray. I have tried many, many hair sprays but always come back to this because it seems to work the best for my hair. Now and then I use hairpieces to give extra volume or a different kind of look.

Offstage: Tigi Hard Head hairspray. Shampoo and conditioner also by Tigi.

LouLou's luscious liner.  ©LouLou D'vil
LouLou’s luscious liner. ©LouLou D’vil

Body Makeup

I blend coconut oil and Dermablend to make the texture more light. Dermablend stays on your skin forever (you really need to scrub to take it off!)! It gives a perfect finish for the whole body and I couldn’t go on stage without it.

Skincare Routine

I try to take good care of my skin. I drink lots of water and peel my skin once a week with Jurlique’s refining treatment. I also do a hydrating mask with Diego Dalla Palma’s 51+3 Hyalu Complex gel mask (once a week). I have a facial twice a year in spring and fall. I take care of my skin daily with La Roche-Posay products. For my body I use coconut oil.

Offstage beauty habits

I try to use as little as possible makeup when I’m not working. I really did notice last year how all that makeup and backcombing affected me and realised I need to give my face and hair a rest now and then. My look doesn’t differ that much onstage/offstage. If I go out just with my friends, I have the same makeup and hair as I would have onstage. That is also why I always do my own makeup and hair. I don’t feel comfortable when someone else does it.

LouLou all made up and ready to go!  ©LouLou D'vil
LouLou all made up and ready to go! ©LouLou D’vil

Beauty Rituals

I think the most important beauty ritual for me is exercising (gym, dancing, walk with the dogs) because it makes me feel good.

Favourite aspect of beauty/makeup routine

I always feel much better when I’m at least a little bit groomed. I love doing my makeup because it’s my own time. I can just relax, think nothing, listen to music and even dance a little!

Least enjoyable aspect of beauty routine

Washing, drying and pin curling my hair because it takes ages! Haha!

Biggest beauty indulgence (product or treatment you spend the most on)

Taking care of my hair and teeth.

LouLou's claws!  ©LouLou D'vil
LouLou’s claws! ©LouLou D’vil

Best value / bargain product

All the products by KIKO Makeup Milano.

Perfume(s) of choice

Bvlgari, Jasmin Noir. I love this perfume and I have been using it about eight years already! Its dark, mysterious and erotic aroma gets me in the mood right away!


I get my red and sharp gel nails done every three weeks at the nail salon.

Favourite beauty and body treatments

Sauna and massage because it’s so relaxing! We are lucky in Finland because so many people have their own sauna.

Do you prefer/tend towards DIY care and maintenance, or have regular visits to salons, therapists and beauticians?

I do both. My mum was a cosmetologist when I was younger and I learned a lot from her. I can do most of my skincare routines by myself, so thank you mum! I used to dye my hair by myself but I noticed that the colour didn’t last as long and it was much harder on my hair (a bit damaging) so I started to go to a hair salon again. I use salons regularly to get my hair and nails done and now and then I go to massage places, spas and beauty salons to pamper myself.

LouLou D'vil rocking it onstage.  ©Hyder Images
LouLou D’vil rocking it onstage. ©Hyder Images

Beauty tips, secrets and tricks/hacks

Nutrition, exercising and drinking enough water are the most important beauty deeds. You have to have a good canvas before you can paint on it. All beauty products are there just to boost your looks.

I truly enjoy doing my makeup, so it’s an everyday part of my life!

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