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Booty Beauty Tips from Viral Video Vixen Michelle L’amour

Booty Beauty Tips from Viral Video Vixen Michelle L’amour

Booty Beauty Tips from Viral Video Vixen Michelle L'amour

Miss Exotic World 2005 and viral video sensation Michelle L’amour delivers her booty beauty tips, and you can now order Booty Lab, her fabulous new instructional DVD, below.

As my tagline says, I am ‘The Ass that goes POW!’  What does that mean?  I suppose you just don’t see it coming.  Sweet smile and a sensational ass.  What a combo! But really, I paid my ass no mind for years.  I spent my time as a dancer trying to put it away. Tuck it. Hide it. The last thing I would do was jiggle it!  And then, I started doing burlesque.  When I first started, I was so packed into tights that absolutely nothing was moving.  The more comfortable I became, the more I wanted to show. The tights came off.  My legs were free… and so was my butt.  Things were moving behind me.  I was getting reactions, and I liked them.  Oh, maybe I was on to something?  Maybe I should exploit this ASSet?  And exploit I did.  

I am ‘The Ass that goes POW’ and ‘The Tits that go… ummm, excuse me’.  Work what you got and fake what you don’t.  It’s all smoke and mirrors and ass. Along my journey of ‘ass discovery’, I’ve learned a few things that can really improve your bootiful life. Don’t take it from me, take it from my ass.

Michelle L'amour, by Don Spiro.  (Michelle L'amour: Booty Lab)
Michelle L’amour, by Don Spiro. (Michelle L’amour: Booty Lab)

1. Let it jiggle!

You are a woman! This is a privilege! What makes us special?  Our softness combined with grace and immense strength, that’s what.  When you walk, relax. Let your hips sway.  Let your booty do the work for you.  You will be happier and so will everyone behind you.  You can make the world a better place one jiggle at a time.

2. When in doubt, stick it out!

Whether you are blessed in the behind or not, sticking it out gives it magical powers.  When you stick out your bottom, make sure to keep your legs and your back straight.  This will give you maximum curvature.  You don’t want your knees to bend because you’ll look like you’re doing an impression of Cameron Diaz dancing in underoos. (Is that in her contract for every movie?)

3. Soft and supple wins the race.

Take care of your skin on your backside.  We always think to lotion our elbows, hands and feet, but the booty needs some love.  Yes, it is a hard to reach place.  Good news: if you can’t reach, someone else can do it for you.  This makes for other fun.  I’m sure you don’t need tips on that.

Michelle L'amour, by Kaylin Idora.  (Michelle L'amour: Booty Lab)
Michelle L’amour, by Kaylin Idora. (Michelle L’amour: Booty Lab)

4. Reverb is the word.

Your butt is a muscle.  You must work it.  Lunges, squats, leg lifts, pelvic thrusts (Showgirls style), etc.  When your booty has strength behind it, it gives a great reverb.  It hits a mark and snaps right back to attention.  It’s the perfect balance of muscle and fat.  That’s what makes the butt so endlessly fascinating and hypnotic.

Michelle L'amour's new DVD: Booty Lab!
Michelle L’amour’s new DVD: Booty Lab!

5. Play it on the g-string.

Find the undies that best suit you and your booty. G-string are great. Stripper G’s are the best as they cup the ‘package’ perfectly.  They also dip down into your crack which makes a nice line above the butt.  A nice heart shape.  And hey, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, ass just might be the perfect gift this year.

Order Michelle L’amour’s new DVD Booty Lab now!

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