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The New York Burlesque Festival 2009!

The New York Burlesque Festival 2009!

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New York Burlesque Festival 2009
The New York Burlesque Festival 2009“The Annual New York Burlesque Festival, now teasing its way into its 7th year … is the largest burlesque event in the world, and has attracted sold-out crowds since its beginning in 2002.

Festival producers, Thirsty Girl & Pontani Sisters Productions will deliver forth once again 4 nights of glitter and glamour in Gotham, with over fifty eye-popping performances from the world’s leading burlesque and variety entertainers at four of NYC’s hottest nightclubs.

In addition to tassels and tail feathers, this year’s festival offers live music, international DJ’s, variety and circus performers, and boylesque!”

We spoke to Angie Pontani, co-producer of the NYBF, about the coming festivities…

Angie Pontani (©Orlando Marra)
Angie Pontani (©Orlando Marra)

What does it mean to you to be able to continue producing this festival year after year, and still receive so much support and interest?

It’s a tradition that just keeps growing. It’s reassuring to know that the popularity of burlesque is stable and growing. Every year we see larger audiences and an increase in the number of applicants. It’s quite exciting to see how far the resurgence has gone.

What can we expect from the festival this year?
The unexpected! We have a lot of new performers this year and I can’t wait to see some of their acts. We’ve also got 4 fabulous venues. With burlesque it’s a real challenge to find a club with great sight-lines and large stages. We’ve got 4 of them this year and each show from the Teaser kick off party to the Golden Pastie Awards is going to be spectacular. This year really brings one of our most diverse casts in terms of style, location, experience and decade of influence. It’s going to really have something for everyone.

What do you hope that the festival will communicate to people above all – what do you want people to go away with?
I just want people to be happy, entertained and realize that burlesque is a very large umbrella under which there are several different types of performances. The festival is like a sampler platter of delicious and delectable dancers! From ultra-glam to punk-esque burlesque, we’ve got it all in the best city on earth (sorry other cities!)

So what precisely is in store for those of you lucky enough to go…?

Thursday, Oct. 1st: Teaser Party (Public Assembly, Brooklyn)
Hosted By The World Famous *BOB*

Dr. Sketchy’s will host a burlesque tableau vivant, where you can try your hand at drawing one their stunning burlesque models, or just watch artists create. Then, delight in an evening hosted by The World Famous *BOB*, and sprinkled with performances by Tatah Dujour (Key West, FL), Trixie Little, (Baltimore), Lola Van Dyke (Sweden), Jonny Porkpie (NYC), and many more! Also, live music by The Two Man Gentleman Band (NYC), and DJ Mikey Palms. Then rub elbows with the stars of the show, exclusive members of the media and sponsors of the event at Public Assembly in Williamsburg!

Trixie Little ( ©Mike Lee)
Trixie Little ( ©Mike Lee)

“I’m bringing a new act to the Thursday night show at NYBF this year- it’s epic and surreal. I’d go so far as to call it bizarre – and that statement comes from someone who sleeps with a Monkey. New York is the place to do it though – and I have performed at all seven festivals, so I had to do something special!”

Trixie Little

Friday, Oct 2nd: The Premiere Party (The Bell House, Brooklyn)
Hosted By Scotty the Blue Bunny

The notorious and scandalous party hosted by Scotty the Blue Bunny features over 20 burlesque beauties from the weekends’ cavalcade of stars. Highlight performances include; Miss Delirium Tremens (NYC), Broadway Brassy (NYC), Tonicat La Miez (Germany), The Amazing Knicker Kittens (Sweden), Brown Girls Burlesque (NYC), Iva Handful (Seattle), Little Brooklyn (NYC), Harvest Moon (NYC), Gigi La Femme (NYC), and DJ Momotaro (NYC).

Amber Ray ( ©Ted D'Ottavio)
Amber Ray ( ©Ted D'Ottavio)

“NYBF is SEVEN this year! Jen Gapay and the Pontani Sisters have really made a wonderful place for the community to converge. It will be a long and eventful weekend for me!

I am vending every night, doing Dr. Sketchy for the Opening Party and Performing Saturday night at BB Kings. Also, Im nominated for 3 golden Pasties this year. *Fingers Crossed*

I can’t wait to see all my friends from out of town and all the fabulous new characters that will make the pilgrimage to perform!”

Amber Ray

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Saturday, Oct. 3rd: The Saturday Spectacular (BB Kings)
Hosted By Murray Hill

Rev your engines for arousal at the Saturday Spectacular where la crème de la crème of the most eclectic burlesque performers are showcased. This star-studded line up includes Angie Pontani (NYC), The Glamazons (NYC), Lux La Croix (LA), Tigger! (NYC), Dirty Martini (NYC), Gravity Plays Favorites (St. Louis), Hot Toddy (Chicago), Jo Boobs (NYC), Anna Fur Laxis (UK), Violet Eva (Japan), Renea’ La Roux (Georgia) and The World Famous Pontani Sisters (NYC), DJ Hitman Hearn (London) and live music by Fisherman Xylophonic Orchestra & Brian Newman, and much, much more! This is an extraordinary night not to be missed.

Anna Fur Laxis ( ©Making Light Photography)
Anna Fur Laxis ( ©Making Light Photography)

“I’m very much looking forward to going to New York for the Burlesque Festival – it’s going to
be a really cool weekend.

The line up is amazing and it’s an honour to be part of it. I’m also thrilled to be able to attend some of the shows as a guest; I don’t get to see shows from the front very often.

Big festivals such as NYBF are some of the few occasions to catch up with old friends, a great opportunity to make new ones, and with the added bonus of shopping trips, let’s just say I’m very excited!”

Anna Fur Laxis

Sunday, Oct 4th: The Golden Pastie Awards & Early Bird Dinner (Le Poisson Rouge)
Hosted By Miss Astrid

Join the performers at this Oscar styled celebration, full of hi-jinx provided by hostess Miss Astrid, ‘the true Weimer fraulein’, and offers live performances and an awards ceremony honoring the world’s finest burlesque performers with a double D sized Golden Pastie. Stellar performances by Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC), Pinchbottom Burlesque (NYC), Miss Orchid Mei (Denver), Daiquiri Dusk (Scotland), Helen Pontani (NYC), Dulce De Leche (NYC), Sauci Calla Horra & Sexy Mark Brown (Toronto) and DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness (NYC) and many more!

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