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THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 9

THE BURLESQUE TOP 50 2009: No. 9


9. Lola Van Ella

Lola Van Ella  ©DonSpiro

“I am an international burlesque performer, singer, producer, instructor, choreographer, a sometimes aerialist, and performing fool! Everything else is van-ella frosting on my delicious cake of a life!”

Striptease and song is so often a marriage that doesn’t quite work. So few performers can do both to a high standard, and at the same time. But when we saw Lola perform at BHoF 2009, we felt we had finally found an example of how well it can be done.

Lola has a great voice, charisma and a natural sex-appeal; she grows on you minute by minute and never seems to take herself too seriously. She manages to charm and engage her audience with her ‘nice but naughty’ demeanour, and yet retain complete control and authority throughout her performance.

Based in St. Louis; Lola also works as an instructor, and heads up her own burlesque troupe, The Bon-Bons, comprised of her advanced students.

And in 2009 – she won 2nd Runner Up at The New Orleans Burlesque Festival, with this cakealicious perfomance (with a rather saucy, sticky ending!)

The crowds go absolutely mad for her – we have seen footage of an emcee having to shout her introduction over the audience screaming her name! And the applause for Lola is always so enthusiastic and affectionate.

They love her, and you clearly do too – she has made No. 9 on your list. Well done Lola!


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