Holli-Mae Johnson

Red Hot Annie in the Viva Las Vegas 2015 burlesque showcase. ©Tim Hunter
10 Most Popular Burlesque Articles of 2015

Happy New Year, all! Last year’s ‘most popular burlesque articles’ post was so popular I’ve…

On ‘The Burlesque Community’

The burlesque scene is not a universally inclusive, comforting safe haven where you can spend your days high-fiving other ‘empowered’ women and singing Kumbaya around a warm, cosy campfire toasting rhinestone covered marshmallows.

PODCAST: Best of Burlesque and Cabaret London 2014
PODCAST: Best of Burlesque and Cabaret London 2014

21st Century Burlesque Magazine editor Holli-Mae Johnson and editor-in-chief of This Is Cabaret Franco Milazzo…

The #SaveMadameJojos Peace Vigil in Words, Photo and Video.
The Madame Jojo’s Peace Vigil in Words, Photos and Video.

In October, a violent incident involving iconic Soho venue Madame Jojo’s, a celebrated performance space…