On the Road with Dangerous Curves Ahead: Week Three

On the Road with Dangerous Curves Ahead: Week Three

Greetings from Brooklyn!

We’re back home safe and sound! Read all about our last week on the road…

Dangerous Curves Ahead in Missoula.  ©
Dangerous Curves Ahead in Missoula. ©

On April 26th we drove from Tucson, AZ to Albuquerque, NM and made a pit stop at Sparky’s Restaurant in Hatch, NM – the Chilli Capital of the World – to sample their chilli shakes and spicy lemonade. Minnie, who dedicates her life to finding the perfect chocolate shake and who cannot handle spicy foods, tried her frozen beverage and could barely keep down one slurp without coughing. In addition to the spicy peppers, our beloved minivan Al (Ray-Ray for short) had a tough time pushing through the high winds and low visibility of a dust storm as we drove into Albuquerque.

Green Chilli Mango Lemonade - HOT!
Green Chilli Mango Lemonade - HOT!

We finally made it to the Aux Dog Theatre to join forces with Holly Rebelle and Burlesque Noir. We performed with them on our first tour in the spring of 2010 and it was so fun to be back! It was a sold out audience with a very special guest, Clams Casino’s brother. Not only was it his first burlesque show, it was also the first time he’s seen her perform and he loved every minute of us!

We were up bright and early the next morning as we had another long drive to Oklahoma City, OK. Yes, you read that right: Dangerous Curves Ahead taught our signature Burlesque 101 Workshop that evening at Teaze Dance and Fitness – in the middle of the Bible Belt! We had a huge class with over twenty students and only a small handful of them had ever seen burlesque before. But they were excited and ready to get their tassels twirling! It certainly was an enjoyable and meaningful evening for all.

Teaching at Teaze Dance and Fitness in Oklahoma...
Teaching at Teaze Dance and Fitness in Oklahoma...

The next day on April 28th, we made our way to Springfield, MO. Eating a square meal complete with cocktails was the name of the game and, lucky for us, Anita found a rooftop oasis at the Springfield Brewing Company.

We returned to Lindbergh’s where we performed two years ago with Baby B. Stiletto and Cherry Bomb Burlesque, and were thrilled to perform with them again and also to find that the venue was now smoke-free!

Backstage in Nashville...
Backstage in Nashville...

It was a treat to have the next night off in Nashville, TN at The Leisureland Ranch, aka GiGi’s new abode. We ordered in Mexican food, drank wine and had a good night’s rest. On April 30th we ate the most delicious pancakes of our life at infamous Pancake Pantry and spent the day running stripper errands, shopping for cupcake dresses, and eating Las Paletas avocado popsicles (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!). We finally made it to our venue, Parlour & Juke, a cozy hair salon that transformed itself into our theatre for the evening. Our stage kitten was the gorgeous One Chance Fancy and the crowd was fantastic.

Having performed in Nashville twice before we had to abide by the state’s rules of covering our ‘underboob’ and at least 75% of our bottoms. Since no liquor was sold at Parlour & Juke, the rules didn’t apply, so we let all our breast and bum cleavage fly! Local burlesque performers have started banding together to form the Underboob Liberation Front, and are trying to change the laws. Good luck y’all, you’ve got our support!

Life-changing biscuits at Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, NC
Life-changing biscuits at Tupelo Honey Cafe in Asheville, NC

The next morning on May 1st, the drive to Asheville, NC was stunning. Anita Cookie, as always, scouted out an absolutely delightful restaurant, Tupelo Honey Café, where we spent hours eating their mouthwatering southern delicacies such as fried green tomatoes over cheesy grits, buttermilk biscuits, pickled okra, and lemongrass-infused moonshine. Special thanks to our waitress/our new BFF, Kenzie, who steered us in the right direction dish by dish and made sure we went home with plenty of pickled souvenirs.

We met up with our host, Queen April, to perform at The Boiler Room, which is also home to regular drag shows. We knew we felt at home for a reason! Afterwards, we all piled into Al (Ray-Ray for short) and headed up to the mountains to rest our heads. That morning, we made sure to visit the farm next door to give a big burlyQ greeting to the sheep and Mr. Ed, the horse.

Okay, girls, stop horsing around! Asheville, NC
Okay, girls, stop horsing around! Asheville, NC

We hit the road hard and could not wait to get to Durham, NC. Two years ago, we performed at Full Steam Brewery and had a crazy, good time with 300 of our closest friends. We could only hope we had the same turnout this time around. Good thing we kept our tassels crossed because most of those folks came back! That night was also GiGi’s birthday, and with a little help from our lovely local ladies, Virginia Scare and Rachel Riot, we celebrated with cupcakes and chilled Austrian red wine.

On the morning of May 3rd we wasted no time heading to our favorite breakfast joint, Elmo’s Diner. In 2010, this place gave us the meal of our dreams, which obviously included fresh mimosas and homemade biscuits. What makes this place even better is that we had the same waiter from the time before and he remembered us! Brett, you’re the best and we will be back! With our bellies full, we drove GiGi to the airport and said our farewells before she headed back to Nashville.

Al (Ray-Ray for short) savoring a few moments in Brooklyn with Minnie and Anita before we dropped him off and said farewell...
Al (Ray-Ray for short) savoring a few moments in Brooklyn with Minnie and Anita before we dropped him off and said farewell...

That night was our last show of our Spring Tour 2012. We arrived at our host, Dolli Holiday’s lovely home and had a moment of rest before we picked back up and went to Gallery 5 to teach our Burlesque 101 Workshop to a group of fun and inspiring women. We played to a supportive and rowdy crowd that included local burlesque star, Deepa De Jour and her bachelorette party! Afterwards we indulged our fast food cravings at the southern chain, Cook Out that offered over forty different flavors of milkshakes, including banana pudding and Hi-C Punch. Minnie opted for chocolate. Darlinda got mint Oreo and the rest ate delicious burgers. It was the perfect end to our tour.

A curtain call in Colorado Springs...  ©Broken Glass Photography
A curtain call in Colorado Springs... ©Broken Glass Photography

This wraps up our fourth national tour in a mere two years! We couldn’t have done it without our gracious local burlesque hosts, our generous sponsors: Sin in Linen, Burlesque Stars (formerly Strip CHEEZ), Babeland.com, and Tattoo Ritual, and our fabulous fans! Thank you so much, we love you all!

Stay tuned for more road adventures with Dangerous Curves Ahead: Burlesque on the Go-Go!

Anita, Clams, Darlinda, GiGi, and Minnie

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    May 14, 2012

    Girls, you were the best table i’ll wait on all summer!

    come back and visit real soon you hear?! (not actually that country, just added for kitch ;D )

    This time you’ll stay with me and i’ll cook you some REAL southern food.

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