Catherine D'Lish releases Debut Single and Music Video

Catherine D’Lish releases Debut Single and Music Video

On June 16th 2014, Bart & Baker proudly released their first collaboration in a series with burlesque icon Catherine D’Lish. It is already proving a big success, being featured on multi-selling lounge compilations and soon to feature on a big project released by the makers of BUDDHA BAR ( Claude Challe and DJ Ravin).  The haunting, original song Dead Air is delivered in a sumptuous seven track remix EP, and the video of the track has been filmed by British film artist Jethro Massey in a part David Lynch, part Hollywood style atmosphere.

Catherine D’Lish spoke to 21st Century Burlesque Magazine about the project:

“I believe the whole thing got kicked off by one of my longtime best touring buddies, Kitten on the Keys. I’ve enjoyed working with her for many years, and she has been working with Bart & Baker for some time now.  For the new Cabaret New Burlesque tour, as usual I do the glass and web, but I also perform a song. I do this number with Kitten on the Keys, and one of my favourite parts of the night is choosing ‘un homme français’ (or whatever country we’re in!) from the audience to bring up onstage to sing to. Bart & Baker came to our show at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris, and I think this was when they felt comfortable that I could be suitable for the project. Kitten pitched me well to them and gave me a good sell, for sure!”  (Continues after image…)

Catherine D'Lish on set at the Dead Air music video shoot.  ©Not to be used or shared without permission.
Catherine D’Lish on set at the Dead Air music video shoot. ©Not to be used or shared without permission.

“We recorded the song in Paris, and then on a later stop on another tour we shot the video to accompany the song. Bart & Baker have worked with several different DJs on this song; I think that there are seven different versions now, and there’s even dance mixes, which I love. It’s really fascinating to hear the different takes each DJ has on the song. The music video uses the Chris Coco Radio Remix. The video is the brainchild of the lovely Jethro Massey – completely his concept, and I think it came out very nicely. He’s not only brilliant, he’s terrific to spend time with. Jethro was so kind and generous to work with; the entire experience was extremely pleasant. I had never recorded a song, much less shot a music video, so I’m quite appreciative of Jethro and Bart & Baker’s kindness with me! They led me very gently through the entire process, I’ll always be thankful to all of them for that.” (Continues after image…)

Catherine D'Lish with the Dead Air music video cast and crew.  ©Not to be used or shared without permission.
Catherine D’Lish with the Dead Air music video cast and crew. ©Not to be used or shared without permission.

“We just recorded a second single on my last stop through Paris. I was thrilled to be able to do it again; I’ve really had the best time working with these guys!  Actually – this is a good time to mention this – Bart & Baker would like to utilise video shot by people at shows, so if anybody would like to contribute video they’ve grabbed of me, we’d love to include that in this next project. Please contact me via Facebook to arrange file transfer.

I’m beyond delighted to be a part of Bart & Baker’s musical family now, and am so tickled that they invited me in.”

Download the single…

Catherine D'Lish and Bart and Baker present Dead Air.
Catherine D’Lish and Bart and Baker present Dead Air.



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