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Berlin Burlesque at Black Flamingo!

Berlin Burlesque at Black Flamingo!

Black Flamingo at the WintergartenGermany loves burlesque, but excitement is at fever pitch right now, thanks to two marvellous shows!

Black Flamingo at the Wintergarten Variete Theatre in Berlin has enjoyed a fabulous run so far, which concludes in January 2010 (still time to see it folks!) and in Stuttgart, The Sugar Blue Revue has just begun!

Since 1992, the Wintergarten Variete Theatre in Berlin has been ‘recreating the charms of early 20th Century entertainment.’

The theatre closed its doors early this year – and now it has opened again with a fantastic new show. Until January 2010, Black Flamingo offers a chance to ‘indulge in the vaudeville world of the Roaring Twenties’.

The most exciting additions to the cast for us are burlesque bombshells Honey Lulu, Trixee Sparkle, and the legendary Catherine DLish

All three look so polished and assured in this production, each with their signature acts and style.

Catherine’s presence in Europe is especially exciting. Her captivating performances, magnificent stage constructions and sumptuous costumes inject star quality into every production she is involved in…

Images ©Wintergarten and Sonja Schönberger.
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We spoke to the three burlesque starlets about their experiences so far in Berlin…

Catherine DLish

“I am so pleased to be here at the beautiful Wintergarten Theater in Berlin (Brrrrrrrrrr-lin!). It is a gorgeous place to call home for a few months!

This is a wonderful group of people to work with, and we’ve been having a super time living out a sort of ‘Groundhog Day’ daily life. With the show going on eight times a week, it is both a little bit surreal and a lot of fun to pass the same folks in the same place (making lots of ‘burlesque-ee jokes’) every day.

We have a great cast of very good-humored people. There isn’t anything much more fun than doing shows in an old historic theatre, and I am very happy to have been invited to be a part of the Black Flamingo show…”

Honey Lulu

“Black Flamingo is the ideal show I’d like to go and see: a good mixture of circus, burlesque, music and comedy. All the acts in the show are strong and work very well together. It’s so inspiring to be working with such talented people who are lovely offstage as well; we have fun on stage and always try and bring something fresh to every show.

Evi and Leu, musicians and MC’s who keep the show together, bring incredible energy on stage every night, they’re very creative and I love the song they wrote for the show.

Catherine D’Lish is a true queen of burlesque, she dazzles the audience every time with her beautiful and sexy spider web and birdcage acts and is a joy to watch. Trixee Sparkle is so fun and a good friend; she injects energy, punk attitude and glamour to the show with her very original ‘Queen’ act.

I feel very honoured to be part of Black Flamingo, both on and off stage…”

Trixee Sparkle

“Black Flamingo is a truly fabulous show bursting with talent from circus performers. Jugglers who undress, hilarious comedians, talented and amazing singers and hosts of the show Evi and Leu that hold it all together and wow the audience with their singing and personas.

It is an honour to work with the one and only Catherine who is truly talented and true to her artform. She puts on stunning and beautiful shows every night – her bird of paradise and spider acts are stunning. I think the audience is spell bound throughout and she is a lovely lady to have around.

I love working with Honey Lulu who is truely fabulous and puts on a beautiful show in her teacup in her own dazzling style, wowing the crowd.

I would say that there is no other burlesque show quite like this – with the variety of acts it is just amazing…”

If you can make it to see this show – GO! There are so many reasons to buy a ticket – there really is something for everyone.

The theatre and set are gorgeous, the energy is high and the variety talent top-notch.

Honey and Trixee are a delight – charming, beautiful and engaging, and the opportunity to see Catherine – a true burlesque master in action, should NEVER be passed up!

Click here for more information, and to see a video about the show…

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