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Burlesque Top 50 2019 WILL go ahead after voting surge

Before the 10th round of the Burlesque Top 50 voting process began in November 2018, I posted a frank and personal statement that directly addressed 21st Century Burlesque Magazine’s global readership.

I explained that I was seriously considering whether the Top 50 could or should continue, and asked that “if the poll brings you pleasure, interest, excitement, inclusion, education, escape – anything positive and progressive – please participate wholeheartedly in this year’s process.”

And you did.

In fact, there was a 203% voter increase on the previous year.

For the first time, the 2018 poll form asked voters to define their involvement in the burlesque scene. 78% of voters described themselves as a fan or reader, 17% described themselves as performers, and 5% as non-performing industry professionals. For those who have always assumed the poll is predominantly a performer driven love-in/leg-up, these stats were certainly surprising.

The collective impact of the explosion in voter numbers, traffic and engagement throughout the 2018 Top 50 season, and the numerous messages I’ve received over the past year asking for the Top 50 to continue, has convinced me to continue the poll.

The 11th Burlesque Top 50 voting process will begin in early November. An updated Burlesque Top 50 Essential Guide will be published soon.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Holli Mae xo

Holli Mae Johnson
Burlesque Hall of Fame / Miss Exotic World Judge, 2011 Holli Mae Johnson is the founder and editor of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, a pioneering publication created twelve years ago to unite, document and celebrate the global burlesque community. Holli is actively involved in the burlesque community on a day to day basis and is privately consulted by performers and producers at every level for promotion, critique, recommendations and encouragement. As a documenter and critic, she has seen countless burlesque and variety performances from across the world and provides an intimate perspective and insight into the lives and careers of burlesque’s greatest pioneers, performers and personalities.

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