Burlesque TOP 50 2014

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: Costume and Photography

You know the results of your international Burlesque TOP 50 2014 but you went crazy for last year’s Bonus Lists and I have followed up with further lists again this year.

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Holli-Mae Johnson

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The Burlesque TOP 50 2014 is sponsored by Sublime Boudoir

Sublime Boudoir: Sponsoring The Burlesque TOP 50 2013.

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: TOP 5 Photographers

1. John Paul Bichard

(Burlesque TOP 50 No. 43)

2. Neil Kendall
3. Don Spiro
4. Paul Green
5. Kaylin Idora

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: TOP 5 Costumiers

(Individuals recognised internationally for their achievements in burlesque costume, or a performer who is equally recognised internationally for their achievements as a costumier.)

1. Catherine D’Lish
2. Flo Foxworthy
3. Christina Manuge
4. Jamie Von Stratton
5. Adora Belle

Full list of Burlesque TOP 50 results here.

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