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Bobbie Burlesque’s Tease-O-Rama Diary

Bobbie Burlesque’s Tease-O-Rama Diary

Bobbie Burlesque's Tease-O-Rama Diary

Bobbie Burlesque relives his Tease-O-Rama 2012, Friday to Sunday experience…

Saturday April 21st, 12:30pm

Dear Diary,

What a beautiful day in this wonderful city. Took time to go sight-seeing and explore Fisherman’s Wharf with friends and hotel room mates, Ruby Champagne and Drea Dillinger. We had a great lunch with an amazing view of the ocean on the pier.

Walking the stores and seeing the city is always fun. Ruby even picked up some Taffy! Yum!

Saturday April 21st, 10pm

Dear Diary,

The show is currently running and It’s been a joy to be an audience member this time around. I have been able to chat with other performers in the line and in this amazing venue! I have also done some little videos with some of my favourite burlesque stars, including Bazuka Joe of the Stage Door Johnnies, Cha Cha Velour from Las Vegas, and I went over to the merchandise area to pay a visit to Amber Ray and her amazing flowers! I even snuck backstage to pay a visit to my good friend Mynx d’Meanor!

I’m running around like a kid in a candy store!  So many burlesque greats! Kitten DeVille even sat with us at our table for a while, before she had to head backstage to get ready for her performance!

The highlight of the night was watching the exquisite Ophelia Flame perform. Amazing! She was my favourite of the event, especially with her amazing ‘Flame’ illusion. Other favourites were of course Ruby and Cherry (who lost a pastie!) and, always a favourite of mine, the delicious Alotta Boutte! That girl knows how to bring a crowd to their feet, and then to their knees. Oh, my!

Sunday April 22nd, 1am

Dear Diary,

After party in our hotel room! The show was amazing and we had such a fun and tantalizing good time! All the performers were exquisite and wonderful. Such an honour to be invited to perform at Tease-O-Rama!

Here in the hotel room with some friends eating pizza and talking about all things Burlesque! It’s sad to think that in a couple of hours I will be heading back home – not just for lack of sleep, but because I will miss this weekend and event.

Sunday April 22nd, 4:40am

Dear Diary,

LOL! Oh my God! Yes, we are still up! I was laughing so hard at all the jokes and fun that I was literally crying. Time for a couple of hours of sleep!

Sunday April 22nd, 12:30pm

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it has only been two days. I’m almost home and stopping to fuel up my car and grab some food. I’m exhausted and can’t wait to get home and fall into my bed!

The weekend was so fun and I made some wonderful memories with friends old and new. Thank you Tease-O-Rama for having me back to perform! I’m honoured to be included in such an epic burlesque event. I still feel like I’m a baby in the industry, and I will always be a fan of burlesque and star-struck by all the great performers.

Hopefully Tease-O-Rama stays and returns in the years to come. If someone hasn’t been to TOR, they need to put it on their To-Do List, even if they simply come to experience it as an audience member. The venue, the city of San Francisco, the show, the performers, legends, and everything! I am forever grateful to be part of Tease-O-Rama history.

I left a trail of glitter and my heart in San Francisco. Thank you Tease-O-Rama, for a wonderful weekend…

Bobbie Burlesque

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