BHoF Best Debut 2015: Ruby Champagne and Pastel Supernova

BHoF Best Debut 2015: Ruby Champagne and Pastel Supernova

For this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend pre-pageant profiles for Best Debut, the contenders were paired up and mini interviewed each other so they, and we, can get to know them all better. The next pair in the interview chairs is Ruby Champagne and Pastel Supernova…

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Ruby Champagne’s Quickfire Questions for Pastel Supernova

Pastel in One Sentence: The atomic bomb inside your heart.

Pastel’s Act: A Spanish slap in the face.

Pastel Supernova by Dave Abreau.
Pastel Supernova by Dave Abreau.

RC: Favourite saying?
PS: From the tip of my nip to the kush of my tush.

Guilty pleasures?
Eating myself to sleep… although I don’t really feel guilty about that.

Favourite mythical creature?
The poor misunderstood gorgon. Medusa is the shit.

Pastel Supernova’s Quickfire Questions for Ruby Champagne

Ruby in One Sentence: Known as The Mexican Spitfire of Burlesque, Ruby Champagne’s signature style loves to mix her passion of Latin dance with classic burlesque.

Ruby’s Act: “My performance for Burlesque Hall of Fame will radiate her love of disco, Latin and burlesque.”

Ruby Champagne by Glamorama Studio
Ruby Champagne by Glamorama Studio

PS: If you could be any animal on a carousel, what would you be?
RC: A Giraffe

What kind of music influences you most?
Mambo, Afro-Cuban, and disco.

If you could be anyone’s breasts, who would you belong to?
Masuimi Max. She’s a super hot and fierce businesswoman.

Pastel Supernova and Ruby Champagne will compete for Best Debut 2015 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease on Saturday 6th June in the Orleans Showroom.

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