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BHoF Best Debut 2015: Alyssa Kitt and August Wiled

BHoF Best Debut 2015: Alyssa Kitt and August Wiled

BHoF Best Debut 2015: Alyssa Kitt and August Wiled

For this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend pre-pageant profiles for Best Debut, the contenders were paired up and mini interviewed each other so they, and we, can get to know them all better. The first pair in the interview chairs is Alyssa Kitt and August Wiled…

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August Wiled Interviews Alyssa Kitt

Alyssa in One Sentence: A perfect amalgamation of dreamy, glamorous showgirl and filthy grindhouse tart, wrapped up in a sexed up size 16 package.

Alyssa’s Act: “I’m bringing my ‘Tribute to the Follies’ routine, which I created for Miss Burlesque Australia last year. I have actually had this gown in my wardrobe for two years and I hadn’t made an act out of it when the inspiration finally struck. It is a historical play on a fallen Ziegfeld showgirl into the downtown bump and grind clubs.

Alyssa Kitt by Nylon Riot.
Alyssa Kitt by Nylon Riot.

AW: Is there a specific order that you put your stage makeup on? Or do you have a pre-show
AK: I have never thought about it but I do have a very specific order I put my stage makeup on – even down to which product I use! As for pre-show, not really. I’m generally pretty chilled before I go onstage – unless it is an act in which I have to get into a certain character and then I’ll go do my character prep. But in general I’m just my bubbly self.


What’s an item you always have with you/never leave home without?
I never leave home without a big ass bag full of my junk. It has boring things in it like my phone, wallet, lipstick and sunglasses. I guess I’m normally carrying around a notebook and pen.


What does your dream shoe look like?
My God, I have so many shoes, but I have 2 dream pairs! Patent black leather Louboutins or solid Swarovski AB shoes (similar to what I’ll be wearing onstage at BHoF).


What are your favourite scents? Either in your home or in perfume, or just something delicious – what scent just delights you?
I am a scent addict. I have just moved into a new apartment and live on my own so I’m seriously nesting and making it perfect. I’ve developed an addiction to having fresh flowers in the house and having a soy candle burning while I’m at home. I love the fresh smells this brings into my house. I also love the smell of baking bread (fun fact – I hand bake my own bread most days). A scent that I wear – I love Channel Allure and Dior Homme (which is for men but has beautiful Iris tones and it makes me feel strong and sexy).

 Alyssa Kitt interviews August Wiled

August in One Sentence: Lithe, leggy, and sinuously sultry.
August’s Act: “Bloodstream is a glimpse into the centre of my heart.”


August Wiled by Brice Ferre Studio.
August Wiled by Brice Ferre Studio.

AK: Do you have a prized costume item?
AW: I have a beautiful Catherine D’Lish boa that I adore, but also I’m rather fond of one of the garments for the act I’m bringing to Vegas – it’s taken me many hours of love and labour.


What do you envisage when you create a new act?
Generally when I create a new act, I see it as an overall visual image onstage, like a photograph, and then I work on how to create that imagery.


Do you have any unexpected hobbies?
I love tools. I love building and fixing things, knowing how things work. I try to be handy!


Are you a messy person or a tidy person?
I am definitely a neat freak. When I see visual chaos, I get a bit anxious and distracted and can’t focus. I love organisation and order.


What do you love from the past but couldn’t live without today…
I love so many things about the past. Last year, the power steering pump on my car broke and I realised that although one day I would love to have an amazing vintage car, pre-power steering vehicles make driving a serious upper body workout! I’ll have to earn that with push-ups.


Are you a home cook type of person or do you like to eat out?
I generally eat at home. I eat pretty simply on my own, focusing on what I need for the nutritional benefits, and I don’t often cook elaborate meals for just me. But baking! I love baking. Baked goods and warm cinnamon are some of my favourite scents at home.

Alyssa Kitt and August Wiled will compete for Best Debut 2015 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend Tournament of Tease on Saturday 6th June in the Orleans Showroom.
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