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Besame Mucho: Expert Tips for Rocking Red Lips!

Besame Mucho: Expert Tips for Rocking Red Lips!

Besame Mucho: Expert Tips for Rocking Red Lips!

©Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Nothing captivates a lover more than red lipstick – a vibrant color that, when applied onto lips, transforms any woman into a glamorous bombshell in seconds.

Since prehistoric times, women would create crimson tints made of herbs and apply them onto their puckers as a sign of fertility. Even during the Golden Hollywood era, famed actresses, such as Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe were known for their dramatic, rose hued lips that made men swoon.

Today, red lipstick continues to be one of the most highly purchased beauty products and can make teeth look whiter, complexions brighter, and boost confidence without breaking the bank. However, if applied the wrong way, red lipstick can also appear more clownish than classy.

Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics Inc., has been labeled as ‘the next Coco Chanel’ by the press for her enchanting collection inspired by ’30s and ’40s red lipstick. The Buenos Aires native, currently residing in Los Angeles, shared some tips on how to look picture perfect with the right shade of red…

Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Red is a star and doesn’t like to be upstaged. Keep your eyes and cheeks clean with minimal make-up when you use your power reds. A light touch of blush on a clear complexion with a few coats of mascara works wonders.

To make red last on your lips, prep them right. Start by applying a bit of balm to soften any dry patches. Apply your foundation as usual and your eye make-up. Blot your lips of extra balm and put a sheer coat of foundation over the edges of your lips. This will keep your color from ‘creeping’ into the small lines around the lips.

Use a neutral lip pencil in a nude color, or choose a shade that matches your red lipstick. Line the lips and fill in with the pencil.

Use a sable brush to apply the lip color working from the inside of the lips to the edges. Trace the edge carefully with short strokes to get a clean line. Red lips look their best when they are crisp and clean.

©Besame Cosmetics Inc. Do not use gloss on red lipstick, as this will make the color bleed. If you want a shiny finish, apply clear or red gloss on the center of the bottom lip. This will give the illusion of overall gloss without shortening the life of the lipstick.

For the office, a mild red is one that is not bright and goes toward a chocolate shade. Brick or brownish reds are great with a nice suit. Orange reds are beautiful with print dresses for fun daytime looks. Deep blood reds are best with evening wear and special occasions with a beautiful up-do and simple jewelry.

Finally, when choosing your red, take cue from your complexion. If you are fair with pink undertones, pick a clear, cool red. If your skin is olive, or has yellow undertones, pick a warm red. There are many degrees of cool and warm shades, so try a few to see what looks best on your skin. For more impact, go against your coloring and pick the opposite of your skin tone. The contrast will definitely be a show-stopper for those bold enough to wear it.

by Stephanie Nolasco.

Products above (from left to right): Classic Masterliner Pencil $18.00;  Classic Colour Lipstick $22.00; Classic Glaze $16.00.   All available in a range of colours. International shipping available. All images ©Besame Cosmetics Inc.

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