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10 Most Popular Burlesque Articles of 2015

Red Hot Annie in the Viva Las Vegas 2015 burlesque showcase. ©Tim HunterRead more

Happy New Year, all! Last year’s ‘most popular burlesque articles’ post was so popular I’ve created one for 2015 for you to enjoy while you recover from last night’s festivities/gigs/denial.  1. LUCKY PIERRE’S DROPS BURLESQUE PERFORMER DUE TO HER SIZE. BURLESQUE COMMUNITY ERUPTS. “Before I was fully awake this morning in London my inbox was filling […]

Dita Von Teese: The Opium Den (12 Page Special)

Dita Von Teese: The Opium Den [12 Page Special]Read more

PLEASE NOTE: This content is the intellectual property of 21st Century Burlesque Magazine and Dita von Teese. You do not have the right to duplicate or republish this content. Please link to the content if you wish to refer to it, rather than quoting out of context. Thank you for respecting this notice. The Opium […]

Your Number One: Miss Dirty Martini!

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I am proud to present a brand new interview with Neo Burlesque icon Dirty Martini, the Number One Burlesque Performer of 2009 – as voted by thousands of you in the end-of-year countdown! I have so enjoyed the opportunity to get to know even more about Dirty and explore her past, present and future in […]

INTERVIEW: Dita Von Teese

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Everyone has an opinion on Dita Von Teese, some of which are unapologetically judgemental or negative, but there are those who are big enough to admit, none the less, that if it were not for Dita, they would never have discovered burlesque, cheesecake, even erotica. They would not be part of the communities they enjoy, […]