Burlesquers of the World: Mrs Mystique, Italy

Mrs Mystique ©Sally Van TasselRead more

Click the link below to tell your burlesque story… In 2012 I attended my first burlesque festival in Lindau (Germany), so before leaving Italy I thought to ask for some good advice from a burlesque performer living overseas (she’s not with us anymore so I prefer to keep her name anonymous). She gave me this great piece […]

Tina Topago’s Guide to Burlesque Stage Kittening

Tina Topago's Guide to Burlesque Stage KitteningRead more

Martina Naccari – aka Tina Topago – who has worked with Italian burlesque agency Voodoo De Luxe since 2013, shares her tips for becoming a sought after stage kitten… I wasn’t born a stage kitten and no one ever taught me how to do it, but in my experience of ‘kittening’ I’ve seen the weirdest things […]

Minnie Tonka’s European Tour Diary, Spring 2013.

Minnie Tonka's European Tour Diary, Spring 2013.Read more

The fabulous Minnie Tonka shares her European burlesque adventures… This spring, I embarked on a month-long European tour. I’ve been touring extensively nationally and internationally since 2010, but this was my first time performing in Europe and my first time touring on my own. I was so excited! Germany, Italy, and Finland – let’s ROCK! […]