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J.D. Oxblood’s Burlesque TOP 50 Breakdown

Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover in CAKE! A Decade of Decadent Dazzle. ©Matt BaumeRead more

The Burlesque TOP 50 2015, through the eyes of Burlesque Beat‘s J.D. Oxblood… The Burlesque TOP 50 2015 is sponsored by Sublime Boudoir What does it mean to be a successful artist? For the last several hundred years, society has primarily measured it by: Monetary gain Critical acclaim Peer respect Popularity Skill and talent certainly […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. Oxblood

Burlesque TOP 50 2013 Postmortem, by J.D. OxbloodRead more

Disclaimer: This is an analysis of the results of the Burlesque TOP 50 2013 as compared to the predictions of the author based on handicapping per past rankings and prior performances. No subjective judgment is implied or should be construed except where noted by the author. All analyses (and opinions, where noted) are the product […]

The Burlesque TOP 50 2016: An Essential Guide

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Holli-Mae here! Is it really that time of year again already?  Welcome to the 8th year of the Burlesque TOP 50 – an annual list of the Top 50 burlesque figures of each year, determined by public vote (VOTE NOW). Created as a light and celebratory way to bring the global burlesque community together at […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2015: Non-Performing Charts

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Deepest apologies are offered for the delay on releasing the Burlesque TOP 50 2015 Non-Performing charts. The Burlesque TOP 50 always encourages votes for non-performing burlesque figures because their influence and contribution is just as important as the performers. This year there is a TOP 10 Non-Performing Women and a TOP 10 Non-Performing Men list, as […]

Shoshana Portnoy: Burlesque TOP 50 Rewards Balls, Connection and Relevancy

Five time Burlesque TOP 50 No. 1 Dirty Martini, by Mark Kaplan ( more

Viva Dallas Burlesque producer and Pincurl Magazine founder Shoshana Portnoy responds to J.D. Oxblood’s Burlesque TOP 50 Breakdown and shares her thoughts on the popular international poll, now in its seventh year. I agree with J.D. Oxblood’s assessment that society has traditionally measured the success of an artist by the four achievements of monetary gain, […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: Non-Performing Men and Women

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You know the results of your international Burlesque TOP 50 2014 but I have followed up with extra bonus lists, which were so popular last year. We finish this year’s results by celebrating non-performing achievements. Feel free to leave comments below! You can also follow and discuss the results on the BURLESQUE Facebook page, the […]

Burlesque TOP 50 2014: 6 – 4

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Your 2014 Burlesque TOP 10 continues with 6 – 4. I have included information, links and footage so that you can get to know your TOP 10 better if necessary. Please Note: The results are determined by thousands of public votes. I do not decide who makes it into this list. Please resist emailing me […]