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The Burlesque TOP 50 2012 No. 9: Roxi D’lite

The Burlesque TOP 50 2012 No. 9: Roxi D’lite

The Burlesque TOP 50 2012: No. 9

Here’s your Burlesque TOP 50 2012 number nine. Please feel free to leave comments below and discuss the results on the TOP 50 Facebook page, or on Twitter with the tag #burlesquetop50

9. Roxi D’Lite

(Reigning Queen of Burlesque 2010)

Roxi D'Lite at BHoF 2012.  ©Derek Jackson
Roxi D’Lite at BHoF 2012. ©Derek Jackson

Roxi has an incredible confidence and natural talent. She delivers striptease with swagger, combining assured feminine sensuality with powerful physicality. And she has had another impressive and successful year.

Her 2012 highlights include her own successful production, Boom Boom Burlesque; Theatre Bizarre: The Summoning; a performance at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend and in Michelle L’amour’s Superstars of Burlesque; the Toronto Burlesque Festival; the Colorado Burlesque Festival; Ophelia Flame’s Playful Peacock Show – Roxi’s first performance in Minneapolis; and the debut of her beautiful new show, ‘Moonlight Cyrenade’, at The Everything to do with Sex Show in Toronto. She also played a sassy new recruit in the B-Movie thrill ride Burlesque Assassins, and you can watch an extended scene below.

Roxi continues to produce beautiful self portraits and photographs of her burlesque peers, including some gorgeous new shots of burlesque legends Judith Stein and April March. I chose one of her stunning shots of Dirty Martini to be the cover of 21CB’s first print edition. There are links to her photography and other social media profiles after the footage…

2012 Footage

Swingin’ Jubilee Pilot Episode Performance

Performing Fetish Feline at the Monde Ose Burlesque Ball in Montreal…

An extended scene from Burlesque Assassins, starring Roxi…

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