Dita Von Teese at Crazy Horse Paris 2016, by Ali Mahdavi

Dita Von Teese: Making Her Mark

Since our previous interviews in 2012, Dita Von Teese’s career has been a breathtaking trajectory of achievements and appearances, and I felt it was high time I checked in. We had a lot to discuss: a new, glossy tome of beauty advice and philosophy, a purring vinyl record, an upcoming return to Crazy Horse Paris and a […]

Dita Von Teese: Strip Strip Hooray! [Chicago 2013]

Dita Von Teese: Strip Strip Hooray! (Chicago 2013)

Frenchie Kiss recounts her experience of Dita Von Teese’ spectacular Strip Strip Hooray! when it visited Chicago this year. (Full gallery of show photos at the end.) Ever since Dita Von Teese‘s surprise appearance at Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2013 to present Catherine D’Lish with the Sassy Lassy award, I’ve had a bit of […]

Dirty Martini's Strip Strip Hooray! Tour Diary

Dirty Martini’s Strip Strip Hooray! Tour Diary

Enjoy this wonderful diary from Dirty Martini, describing her adventures on tour with Dita von Teese, Murray Hill, Perle Noire, Monsieur Romeo, Lada Nikolska, Catherine D’Lish and Selene Luna – the fabulous cast of Strip Strip Hooray! Bling bling pretty boss lady!  (May 9th) As Murray Hill and I strolled into the LA House of […]

Strip Strip Hooray!: A Conversation with Dita Von Teese

Strip Strip Hooray!: A Conversation with Dita Von Teese

by Jessica Price In April I had the unparalleled pleasure of speaking with Dita Von Teese about her upcoming West Coast tour, her dazzling co-stars, the merits of dressage, and the peculiar momentum one needs when wearing a gown encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Those who follow Dita’s career closely may already have a sense of […]