Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2015 Tournament of Tease: QUEEN

Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2015 Tournament of Tease: QUEEN

Kitty Bang Bang reports candidly on the 2015 battle for the ultimate burlesque title: Miss Exotic World, Reigning Queen of Burlesque… 21st Century Burlesque Magazine Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2015 Coverage is sponsored by Fancy Feather. The time has come, my friends, and I know it’s been a while. But it took some time […]

Burlesque Match Game, BHoF Edition: Peekaboo Pointe

For this year’s pre-BHoF contender profiles, the Miss Exotic World hopefuls were asked to play a burlesque edition of Match Game, with an added challenge – inspired by RuPaul’s Snatch Game version – to create a tribute selfie to one of their burlesque heroes. Finally, it’s Peekaboo Pointe! 21st Century Burlesque Magazine Burlesque Hall of […]

Jo Weldon: BurlyCon 2013

Jo Weldon’s BurlyCon 2013 Diary.

A fantastic report from BurlyCon 2013, by BurlyCon Board Member and Vice President Jo ‘Boobs’ Weldon. Prepare for a lot of mushiness, gratitude, and self-congratulation. I had a great BurlyCon 2013 weekend. BurlyCon was seven years old this year, and it was our first year as a full-fledged 501C-3. It reinforced my passion for the […]

Peekaboo Pointe's Show Me Burlesque Festival Diary

Peekaboo Pointe’s Show Me Burlesque Festival Diary

Enjoy all the onstage and backstage antics at the Show Me Burlesque Festival 2013, courtesy of the fastest tassel twirler from East to West, Peekaboo Pointe!   Day 1: Wednesday Lola Van Ella picks me up from the airport and takes me directly to Van Ella Studios, where she and Sammich the Tramp live upstairs. […]

Frenchie Kiss' Minneapolis Burlesque Festival Diary

Frenchie Kiss’ Minneapolis Burlesque Festival Diary

Frenchie Kiss reports back to 21st Century Burlesque Magazine on the first Minneapolis Burlesque Festival… Dear Diary, 2013 started with a bang because I got to be one of the featured performers and teachers at the very first Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, which took place on January 31st – February 3rd at the Ritz Theatre. Now, […]

Ruby Joule's New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Ruby Joule’s New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary

Ruby Joule presents her New Orleans Burlesque Festival Diary… It is a long, nine hour drive from Austin to New Orleans, but it’s a drive I’ve got used to and now enjoy as I watch the Texas hill country give way to lush swampland and Spanish moss.  We rolled into the Crescent City the night […]

Miss La Vida's Australian Burlesque Festival Diary

Miss La Vida’s Australian Burlesque Festival Diary

Hi, I’m Miss La Vida.  Here’s the continuation of my Aussie adventure with my diary from performing in the Third Annual Australian Burlesque Festival, produced by Rosy Rabbit and Dolores Daiquiri, that took place from 7 – 24th June. A highlights video from The Big Tease show, Melbourne, Sat 09 June. Wednesday 06 June Flew […]

Review: Roxi DLite presents BOOM BOOM Burlesque

Review: Roxi D’Lite presents – BOOM BOOM Burlesque

Roxi D’Lite’s Boom Boom Burlesque reviewed by Katie Hargreaves. It’s only just past 7pm, and already a line is forming outside Windsor, Ontario’s Boom Boom Room nightclub.  Located on Windsor’s main bar strip, it’s not odd to see dozens of club-goers teetering on their high heels outside the bar. On this pleasant Saturday evening, however, […]

Beatrix von Bourbon: Burlesque and Tattoos

BVB: Burlesque and Tattoos

Burlesque and Tattoos There’s no denying that I’m heavily tattooed. By the time I chose to have my fourth tattoo I’d simultaneously resolved that my passion for tattoos was something I wanted to take pride in. Rather than opting for ‘safe’ tattoos that can be easily hidden away under clothes, I had a monster of […]