Burlesquers: Give Them a Reason to Keep Coming Back

By now, most of us have seen a certain article that recently resurfaced–one titled “The Shittiest Burlesque I’ve Ever Seen”. I want to believe that the former article gets shared, not to purposely box out new performers, but as a way to vent mutual frustrations. Though harsh, uncompassionate, and totally not condoned in its approach […]

Jessabelle Thunder's Hollywood Burlesque Festival Diary

Jessabelle Thunder’s Hollywood Burlesque Festival Diary

The luscious Jessabelle Thunder is your guide for the first annual Hollywood Burlesque Festival, which took place at the end of last year. Read on!   December 6, 2013 Dear Diary, Today did NOT start off well. A negative work review, had to take my car to the shop, and traffic EVERYWHERE! Needless to say, […]